Courgettes Farming

Growing courgettes is indeed an ideal venture especially for those who are new in farming business.

It is not that complicated and does not require much expertise but is sure to be a lucrative business.

Courgettes, to describe, are small, firm, fleshy, summer squash. It can either be steamed, boiled, even fried and roasted depending on how you want them taste. Courgettes are also known as zucchini and is closely related to cucumber expect that it cannot be eaten uncooked.

Courgettes farming are preferred by most planters for they are known for being the easiest fruit to grow especially in mild climates. They are not that prone to pests and require minimum supervision in terms of watering needs.

One of the things to remember in growing courgettes is that they need more bees for pollination or else the fruit will get rotten. Flowers of courgettes are very in demand to some cuisines. They are even ingredients to expensive delicacies in the market hence, should be given great deal of care. This part is what seems to be crucial in courgettes farming. But since bees are not that extinct and are sure to look for flowers to pollinate, growing courgettes is still uncomplicated to handle. Another thing to remember is that too much application of pesticide may also harm the growth of the courgettes.

In cougettes farming, expect rapid growth of crops. This implies that harvest must be distributed to the market accordingly to fully have the benefit of this business. Proper distribution and allocation of harvests in the market will prevent overstocking and will allow you to profitably run the farm.

Starting a courgette farm requires heavier soil for it to grow healthy and thus have a good value in the market. The soil should also be well mixed with manure to enrich the growth of the seeds. Since courgettes are best planted in areas with temperate climate, they should be protected against colds winds and must be located where there is sufficient supply of sunlight.

Construct ridges where you will plant the seeds. Sow two seeds per spot on the ridge with three feet distance with each other. Allowing enough spacing is giving the seeds with some breathing and growing ground.

Apart from planting them on the ground, they can also be grown from pots. Piece of advice, avoid holding the stems to prevent abnormalities in the growth.

Planting courgettes are best practiced on the month of March to May and can be cut during August when reaching about four to six inches. Courgettes are best to harvest on reaching the stated length. On this length, courgettes’ do have softer seeds and are immature. Immature courgettes are less fibrous and with good taste quality compared to matured ones.


  • clara said on March 6, 2014
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