How to Get Rid of Starlings

If you want to get rid of starlings, there are simple solutions that you can follow. You don’t have to resort to violence if the starlings won’t go away.

Among the solutions are mentioned below and if your efforts fail, you can always rely on the concerned local agencies.

How do you Get Rid of Starlings?

Some people think that starlings are cute because of their bold eyes and blue/black plumage. However, once these starlings reach over 3,000 in number, they are sure to cause damage to your crop. If you want to get rid of them, you will have to create an environment that is uninviting. All food sources like grain storage, dumps, and feed piles should be covered. There are times when bluebirds and purple martins are affected with the presence of starlings. If this is happening in your garden, you have to do something. Otherwise, the birds will soon disappear and will look for another place to stay.

If you want the birds to stay in your garden, you should change the shape of the entries of the bird house. Instead of using the round holes, you can settle with crescent-shape ones because starlings tend to avoid this shape. You also need to check the different areas of the house. If you see any nesting places, you can remove them. Use fine mesh wires to cover the rafters, crevices, and other crannies that tend to attract starlings. What if nothing happens despite your efforts to get rid of the starlings?

Scaring Starlings

Scare the starlings so that they won’t come back to your property. You can use a plastic balloon that looks like an owl. This is a great way to scare starlings. Another solution would be to use sonic repellents. These repellents emit sounds similar to distress calls or the sounds of predator. Most of the sonic repellents operate with electricity or with batteries. If you want another solution, you can use the laser repellent. This device shoots light beams which alarm or confuse the birds. Some people also use firecrackers but this is not advisable. If you have a cat at home, you can also use to get rid of starlings but this can be destructive because your yard can get damaged.

Shooting the starlings is also not a good idea because in most cities, gunshots are prohibited. You can consult with the local agency about trapping the starlings. In some cities, the local government implements trapping programs which get rid of the starlings without harming them. When the starlings are already causing a nuisance, it’s best to consult with the right agency especially if the solutions mentioned earlier don’t work. Never kill the starlings because it wouldn’t be a nice thing to do. There are alternatives and you just need to know the options.

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  • david said on January 28, 2014
    I am in Louisville kentucky where I enjoy feeding song birds. unfortunately, starlings have found the source of food, including suet, seeds, and peanut butter sandwiches (bird size) that I scatter daily. I will try the owl balloon, but wonder if that will also repel song birds? I understand that a bird feeder with a roof, and an upside suet feeder are recommended...but are the song birds able to feed on these? Thanks...


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