Growing Gourds

If you want to own a successful business, you can invest in growing gourds. These fruits are similar to the cucumbers and the squash family. Even the growing requirements are the same as that of squash.

You can begin with a home garden and later on, you can get a large space of land where you can start your farming business.

Requirements for Growing Gourds

For many years now, gourds have been used as kitchen implements and are usually found in containers. When growing gourds, you can choose among the wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes. Gourds are very much similar to cucumber. If you love the decorative varieties, you can find ones with white flowers and ones with yellow blossoms. In China, the gourds are called ‘hulu’ and are eaten like that of summer squash. If you plan to grow gourds, you will need to plant them the same way as you plant squash.

It’s best to plant the gourds in hills like edible squash and cucumber. The hills should be spaced at least 5-6 ft apart. You can plant in different directions as long as the spacing requirement is met. For every hill, you can sow 4-5 seeds. When the gourds are already a few inches in height, you can now thin them out and pick the strongest one. You can conserve moisture and control weeds by putting mulch and black plastic. If you are not able to make ‘hills’, you can also plant them vertically. Just like planting gourds in hills, you have to space the gourds around five feet. Plant them near fences or trellises and when it grows, you can now tie them to the fence or trellis. To ensure that the gourds grow round and not flat-sided, you should ensure that they are off the ground. Use slings to support larger gourds.

Tips for Gourds Farming

Growing gourds can also be a great way to earn money. Having your own gourd farming business is possible as long as you have a large land space. Determine the growth requirements of the gourd so that you can harvest healthy products. It’s up to you whether you will grow the small or large kinds. The large varieties are great for making vases, hanging baskets, and canister sets. If you grow the smaller kinds, you can produce warty knobs and odd-shaped gourds.

Drying the gourds after harvest can take around 9-10 months and after that, you can now wax the gourds or varnish/shellac. There are many things that you can create from growing gourds. As long as you grow them properly and you produce large amounts, you can surely benefit greatly. Start growing gourds today. You can begin planting the gourds in your backyard and later on, you can get a land space that is ideal for growing gourds, both the small and large kinds.


  • Nancy brown said on August 24, 2014
    I have been growing gourds now for two years and now want to start a business of selling what I grow. I live outside the city limits and have approximately 2 acre as that I can devote to my gourds. I have a large barn perfect for hanging and drying them. Please offer advice on how to get started. Thanks.
  • Nelda Bothwell said on September 8, 2016
    265 Ross Nash Rd. I need help on growing gourds.


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