Buying Butcher Shop Equipments

Establishing a butcher shop is not a bad idea when it comes to business and earnings.

Buying tools and equipments for your butcher shop is not that hard when you know what to choose.

From Butcher Block and Butcher Knife

One of the tools that is required when establishing a butcher shop is a good butcher block. This is where the hacking will be done. A decent and good butcher block must be constructed from rock hard maple. It must be hand finished by using paraffin and mineral oil to be able to have protection against nicks as well as have protection against bacteria that can penetrate the surface. Butcher block must be useful when chopping in a standing position and has knife rack attached to it so that you will be always ready to prepare food. It must be durable too. While the butcher knife is also an important tool that must be taken into full consideration and must last for a life time.

Butcher Knife and Bone Saw

You must also have knife sharpeners for your knives to hold its edges. This tool is very important in keeping your knives to function at its best. A good knife sharpener can sharpens as well as polishes your knife. It must be simple and easy to use. When building a butcher shop at home, you also need the right bone saw if you are serious in chopping a carcass. This tool is much helpful over axes and cleavers. This is also more precise in cutting and has much cleaner cut. Bone saws are not that expensive. With many different varieties of lengths and blade strengths of bone saws, the 25inch model of bone saw is the best for your everyday’s cut.

Safety Clothing and Meat Hooks

With the sharp knives always near you, the risk for serious cut and injuries are definitely overwhelming. Safety clothing such as set of steel gloves and metal apron are very important. These safety clothing will avoid any accidental amputations and protect your body from serious injuries. One tip of a professional butcher is to hang the meat for a few days. This will allow the meat to develop its best flavor. This is why; you will need hooks to achieve this. The best meat hooks to choose are the ones made from stainless steel and the reason is very obvious.

The Tenderizers and Meat Grinder

Tenderizers are such handy tools for softening the parts that are tough to cut such as flank, chuck and round, and game. The use of a mallet can be more fun and reduce stress more but tenderizers do the job much better, quicker, and much less sweat. When you got so many leftover meat or steaks in the shop, you can grind them with meat grinder and turn them into delicious burgers. Choose an automatic and easy to use meat grinder.


  • Makgosane said on August 25, 2010
    I have a small shop in Germiston (Gauteng) were i use to cook and sell plates, the thing is cooking business is no longer going well as everyone is cooking around the area. So i would like to start a small butchery, How do i start and what do i need most to start?
  • TONY THOMAS said on April 20, 2020
    Hi, My self Tony and I am a self-employer in Dubai. I am looking to start a standard fish market in Bangalore. I want to know about the total investment and procedure. Please let me know as soon as possible... Regards... TONY THOMAS


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