Business to Business Marketing

Ordinary consumers are not the only targets of businesses. Sometimes business themselves are targeted by other businesses. This is true for service-oriented companies.

As a businessman, how can you perform a successful campaign marketing your services to other businesses?

Not at all times does a business target the ordinary consumer. There are also businesses that are created specifically to provide products and services to other businesses. Hence, these kinds of businesses require a different approach in marketing.

True, the same fundamentals are in place. The business still depends on need in order to operate. However, businesses are different monsters to talk to as compared to the ordinary consumer. Companies have operational goals and visions that influence their decisions, while the consumer only has to think about their needs and their budget before making a decision.

If you’re into such a business, you need to know how to do an effective business-to-business campaign. Here are the steps in which you can accomplish such a task.

Develop a Positional Statement

This is the first and the most crucial step in business to business marketing. Positional statements are considered to have the greatest impact in convincing companies that your service is indeed the one they need. That is because the statement delivers exactly the uniqueness and the strong points of your business. One common reaction to marketing after all is, “it’s just another company.”

In developing your positional statement, make sure you develop it in a way that shows your target audience your points convincingly, although you are just “another” company, you do things in a way that is much different and even better than the others.

Build up Your Marketing Plan

After having your standard made up in the form of your positional statement, you can then start your campaign around it. The messages should be good enough to support your positional statement.

There are many ways with which to implement a marketing plan, and just like marketing to ordinary consumers, business to business marketing can be done with several media and simultaneously.

First, there is the Internet, which is considered hands-down as the best form of marketing for any business. With well positioned messages and an aggressive marketing plan, the Web can bring you the necessary traffic you need in order to build a good lead database.

You can also make use of direct mail marketing, in which you send some mails into your target audiences and remind them of your business.

Whatever form of marketing you take, you should take full advantage of it. Being aggressive is perhaps the only way to succeed in your marketing goals, but also be sure to avoid overdoing it or else you may be considered as spam.

Get an Agency

An agency is perhaps the most useful for your campaign. These people are well-trained and are experts in implementing your marketing campaign for optimal results. Just make sure to brief them thoroughly and give them all the information that they need in order to maximize things for you.


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