Business to Business Direct Marketing

You are probably having a headache sorting out this business-to-business direct marketing term. Take a hold of this article so that you can have a general idea of how it goes and, surely, your company will benefit from this kind of marketing that can span the lifetime of your organization.

There are basically two type of direct marketing. The one is business-to-customer direct marketing and the other one is business to business direct marketing.

In a sense, there is basically a huge gap between the economic values between these two main direct marketing strategies. In a business to business direct marketing, what is in store for the company, economically is considered huge and cannot be beaten by business to customer direct marketing. In this type of direct marketing, the company is having a transaction that can even amount to $50M with just one sealed deal. This type of direct marketing is of great value and can spell the lifespan of a company as to where it can go in the future.

Business to Business Direct Marketing Uses Qualitative Measure in Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

The magical thing about business to business direct marketing strategy is that it is measured not on a quantitative method. Rather, it is measured in a qualitative method. Instead of measuring the rate of response per telephone call, or mails sent to the customers, the measuring tool in this regard is whether the customer is satisfied? Whether the customer has been appeased and his needs are met. This is the nature of a business to business direct marketing. The qualitative aspect of the transaction is the dominant or main set of measurement whether the customer is satisfied with the service of the company.

Keeping a Customer than Finding a New Customer is the Philosophy of Business to business direct marketing

In an ordinary operational business strategy of an organization, it is often than not the finding of a new customer is the objective of its marketing. But in business to business direct marketing, finding a new client or a customer is not the game plan of the company. The game plan is to keep loyal customers as much as possible and avoid defection of these customers to another competitor.

The reason for this is that the focus of business to business direct marketing is gaining the loyalty of existing customers to know the needs in the industry that the company is able to address. By keeping a steady, loyal customer, the company then can find a similar customer with the same needs. Instead of trying to find another client to replace a customer that has defected (which can mean finding a customer similar to the one that defected), the concern of the business to business direct marketing is in maintaining a relationship with the existing loyal customers.

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