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Founded in 1992 by five yuppie entrepreneurs, the Budget Blinds business has been one of the fastest growing and expanding franchises in the US, which allows its customers a free hand in choosing the best windows covering in the market today. This kind of business best fits those people who are into interior design and has an architectural background.

But although everybody is virtually qualified to own a Budget Blinds franchise, there are still things that you need to know before you invest in this type of business.

What you need for a Budget Blinds Franchise

One of the first things you need to know is whether you can pass all the necessary requirements that the company ask for from first time franchisees. You should know that absentee ownership is not allowed by the company. Also, there is a cash liquidity requirement of $54,700 to $86,100 in order for you to have the need of the company. Previous business experience is not really that necessary. All you need to have is a well-rounded team to support you in the business growth and a well-driven business plan.

Budget Blinds Franchise Fees and Startup Cost

You also need to know whether you can pay the total investment cost of $86,400 to $173,000, which is one of the lowest franchising investments that a market can offer. Also, you’ll have to pay for the franchising fee of $14,950 for a 10-year agreement with the company.

Budget Blinds Franchise Business Revenue

Budget Blinds offers its franchisees with an exclusive territory rights in order to make sure that no competition with other franchises takes place. This is also to make sure that the franchise will have a chance to further expand within that certain area or market. Most of the time, one franchise can have a market share of more than 300,000 households. The number of available clients is to make sure that you’ll have your investment money back in no time.

Training from Budget Blinds Franchising Company

A team of dedicated and well-rounded business managers will handle all the training requirements that you and your staff needs. The training, which is included in the franchising fee, will be available in the Budget Blinds headquarters for more than two weeks. Other trainings will include in-house training and other training manuals that will be available upon request. Such training will include sales, measurements, consultations, and installations.

Budget Blinds Franchise Advertising

The Budget Blinds utilizes a state-of-the-art advertising technique that uses lead generation to all its clients that are also in the internet business. The company often sends out invitations, newsletters, and recommendations to people that is included in its date base. The data base will be formed depending on the number of referrals that the company will receive from previous customers.


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