Virtual Assistant Business

Setting up a virtual assistant business requires a bit of Internet know how, a couple of required hardware and expertise in one or more fields. And yes, if you do not subscribe to a business assistance virtual network for VAs, you would also need to promote your services.

In computer language, the term virtual means simulated or an action carried on by means of network or Internet connection.

The term assistant is self-explanatory. However, if you put two and two together, you get a whole new fast selling business.

History of Virtual Assistance

This business idea, or virtual assistance as it is called, took off around 1990 when a couple of Internet based business companies hired marketing assistants to complete their business advertising. The need for more assistants doing more specialized jobs soon flourished, and with the help of the Internet, these assistants can perform their assignments without having to stay in one particular office or even building.

Between 1993 and 1994, the virtual assistant industry formally took off when the first pioneering business entrepreneurs established the first virtual assistance companies that could outsource and offshore services. For the first few years, virtual assistant employment was relegated to online secretarial and clerical jobs and the workers still basically had to go to the office to work.

These days, however, this industry is becoming a virtual home business staple, rather than a company venture. This means that instead of assistants working as employees under a company, they are considered as independent contractors and even self-employed business owners.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a service provider on a micro-entrepreneurial level. The range of duties of a VA is now extensive; at the same time, some virtual assistant business firms offer only specialized services.

These virtual assistant jobs include: back-office virtual assistant (in charge of bookkeeping and clerical work); virtual secretary; online financial assistants, virtual administrative assistant, virtual executive assistant; virtual personal assistant (in charge of employers phone messages, schedules and correspondence); online business marketing assistants; language tutorial assistants; virtual assistant training personnel; creative business virtual assistants, real estate virtual assistants; virtual office assistants (in charge of daily operational activities); virtual sales assistants; etc.

How to Set Up a Virtual Assistant Home Business

Starting a virtual assistant business requires a bit of Internet know how. This is only natural. This business industry is, after all, Internet based. You need to know the workings on how you can interact successfully with your clients. Needless to say, you need to have Internet connection.

Depending on what kind of contractual work you engage in, your own business venture needs hardware: modem, cables, any paraphernalia needed to have your access to the World Wide Web. In some cases, virtual assistant resources would include web cams, headphones, speakers and microphones. This will actually make the bulk of most of your virtual assistant cost and expenses.

Although most VA still perform office and back office assistance, there are a number of online companies looking for more specific job descriptions. If you do have the educational background and work-related skills, then you can literally run your business from home. You can do everything you and your clients need without having to ask the mother companies for standard procedures. All it takes is a clear understanding of duties and responsibilities that should come directly from your clients.

Lastly, you do need to promote your work. A VA business company may indeed help you find regular clients to work with, but they also are in charge of your work schedule and they take about 10% to 25% of all your successful projects. When you do this as your own entrepreneurial venture, you must actively promote your virtual assistant services in order to gain a steady supply of clients. You can promote almost anywhere on the World Wide Web: from blogs, to online ads. And since you are directly interacting with your clients, you have 100% of your project pay each time.


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