The Risk of Starting a Franchise vs Your Own Business

There are two popular paths open to interested entrepreneurs; one is to start your own business from the ground up while the other is to consider applying for a franchise.

Both have their own pros and cons and it is up to the entrepreneur to decide which choice would better suit them.

Many people dream of having their own business and only a few make this dream materialize into reality. It is a difficult and risky step to take especially to one who is not familiar in the field of entrepreneurship. These people are mostly faced with challenging decisions as they need to weigh which option would better suit them.

Depending on the choice of business, either can be extremely rewarding. Let us first start with the risks of the franchise. Franchises are known to be strict with their rules and regulations. It will be difficult to apply your own strategies and techniques without being liable to breach of contract. Upon signing of the franchise agreement you are entitled to use of the brand and trademark only and not necessarily applying your own ideas and developments. You are under that right only and violating it could mean you would risk losing your business. Another risk would be monetarily. Franchises are genuinely expensive as they require cash up front because of the amount of support what they initially supply. Franchises have their own forms of training, stocks and supplies and can even narrow down to the design of the littlest things in the company and it is because of this attention to detailing that they are very expensive, plus the fact that everything in relevance to the trade name has to be purchased directly from the franchisor.

If you decide to start your own business from scratch however, you will not have the luxury of being supplied with everything you will need to start your company. Then again it is also a question of success. Franchises have an existing clientele as well as proven credibility and a known reputation. Factors that make it indispensible as a jump start to a company’s success. With that it will be important to consider which of the two has more bearing on your current situation. You will have to do your own research and educate yourself on what has to be done in the company in order for it to materialize. Every last detail is something you should consider yourself and the expenses you spend will all have to be tallied individually. It would be wise to seek some sort of professional assistance and consultancy when it comes to starting your own business from scratch.

Either way the entrepreneur decides it is all up to him on whom he or she should consider and what he believes will bring him to success. It is up to the drive, motivation and determination to succeed that will bring the company that they own to great heights.


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