Any Lab Test Now Franchise Requirements

Any lab test now is one of the fast growing franchises in the country and offers its franchisees high margins at low overhead costs.

Any Lab Test Now was first founded in 1992 by David Perlow, M.D. in Atlanta Georgia.

The Company aims to provide affordable medical laboratory testing to the public as a cost effective strategy in the treatment and prevention of disease.

With Any lab test now you will be given the opportunity to own a highly profitable business that offers services that are in demand to the public. Healthcare is an essential commodity in our daily lives and costs do not come cheap. Luckily, Any Lab Test now offers affordable prices for all your healthcare testing needs. Customers will be able to request for simple medical tests without the need for a doctor’s prescription, this way they will still be able to have a heads up on what their health care situation is at this moment in time without having to worry about not affording doctors appointment’s or considering health insurance.

Any Lab Test Now is open for 6 days a week and provides 24 hour results that require no appointment or doctor’s order. There are over 1000 test available to choose from. As a franchisee, you will be able to cater not only to walk in customers but also to large corporations, businesses and government agencies. Contact the Franchise Department now to find the available territories near you.

To qualify as a franchise applicant it is essential to be eager to learn the business model and system and be a people person at the same time. The business deals a lot with interacting with a lot a people, of different ages from different walks of life and it is important to be able to handle various kinds of people.

Once you are qualified you will be called in for training where you will be taught the complete business system. This business system will include payroll and accounting, sales, inventory, marketing, procedures, guidelines and policies, daily operations, employee benefits, hiring and recruiting employees and other tips and guidelines to running the business smoothly. Assistance in other aspects such as site selection, business licensing, signage, supplies, equipment and furniture fixtures, build out guidance, design, lease negotiations and others will also be supplied.

The good thing about the franchise is that it is open to meet your ideas as well. You may discuss the ideal business system for you in accordance to your locations, the populace in your area and your ideal target market. The franchise fits smaller markets as well, like those with 20,000 to 100,000 populations. Those above 100,000 can contain commercial traffic in mall strips and markets in a 5 mile radius. Any Lab Test Now is also available mobile and is a great option for those that cannot afford leasing rental space, plus it has the capability to reach any desired location and audience.

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  • MARK BARTISS said on October 1, 2018
    as a medical doctor in new jersey is it legal for me to have my own lab to perform testing on hormones and will insurance pay for testings if I am nonpar with them.


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