Starting J.D. Byrider Franchise

J.D. Byrider franchise is a business regarding used cars. Car is no longer considered as a luxury but a necessity nowadays.

Many Americans can not afford to buy brand new cars so the next best option is to buy used cars instead or they would rather purchase a used car to save money.

J.D. Byrider was established in 1989 in Marion, Indiana by the late James F. DeVoe.

At present, their national headquarters is located in Carmel, Indiana just outside Indianapolis. Mr. DeVoe wanted to business the right way – the family way. J.D. Byrider works with a philosophy that was based in their family’s professional philosophy: Treat the customer with dignity and respect. Consistently deliver used cars; expert servicing; and affordable on site-financing. And offer it all in a friendly and professional atmosphere. At J.D. Byriders, their mission is to provide a program that exceeds the customers’ expectations and maximizes their opportunity for advancement. AT J.D Byriders, they want to satisfy their founder’s vision through satisfied customers.

J.D. Byrider started with a vision, but no cars. To date, they are the leading used car and finance company franchise, J.D. Byriders has a core philosophy: No anxiety in the showroom, they didn’t want distrust and they do not want failure in their relationship with their customers. What they want are satisfied customers and they want their customers with special financing needs who had been ignored by other dealers. Now they pride themselves with 124 J.D. Byriders dealership across the nation and have sold over 750,000 vehicles since the opening of their first outlet. These sales were made by their franchisees and their company. Every month approximately 5,000 people come into their dealership and trust them with their business. Many of these are repeat customers and referrals from satisfied customers. Another feather added to J.D. Byriders cap is the fact that in a business that there is full of distrust, their customers trusts them. Proof of this is their high customer satisfaction ratings.

J.D. Byriders pride themselves in offering quality used cars that customers expect. If you are looking for the best used cars, go to J.D. Byriders and experience what they are saying. At J.D. Byriders they are not just looking for transactions, they want to build a relationship with their customers. It not like, after the sale then its goodbye. They offer expert service exclusive for their customers as the sale. They offer financing to customer who has been repeatedly ignored by other car dealers. J.D. Byriders offer financing to their customers. They find the most affordable used cars for their customers and the best one for their budget.

J.D. Byriders Franchise Fee:

  • Minimun Networth: $2M
  • Total Investment: $267,000
  • Franchise Fee: $39,000 - $50,000


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