Starting a Thai Boxing Store

Thai boxing is getting to be one of the most popular sports nowadays. Starting a Thai boxing store is something worth trying for a new entrepreneur.

Study, plan, invest and strategize effective marketing plans and you are on your way to success.

Thai boxing originates from Thailand, and has become one of the most popular sports nowadays due to its increasing number of supporters and fanatics. It has similarities with western boxing and kickboxing although it is a different sport. Thai boxing is said to be the art of using the eight limbs. If you are interested in starting your own Thai boxing store, you may want to consider these suggestions:

  • Make a feasibility study of the business. There are ready templates for writing a business plan, make use of this instead of starting from scratch and writing on a blank paper.
  • Know how much start-up capital you need to be able to put up your Thai boxing store.
  • Look for possible place to rent for your store. Talk to the owner and discuss the details of leasing his property or you may want a monthly rental payment mode instead.
  • Be specific with what products you want to put inside your store. You may want to start with Thai boxing gears, shorts, trunks robe, jacket and more. You can add Thai boxing equipment like, gloves, pads, protector and more, balms and oils. You can put ready to wear Thai boxing apparels or you can also do custom made Thai boxing apparels. Have a wide range of selection of Thai boxing products from the cheapest brands to the most upscale.
  • Apply for all the necessary business permits and licenses for the operation of your Thai boxing store.
  • You can also offer Thai boxing classes. Before a customer leaves your store let them sign up for an informal Thai boxing sessions with them.
  • Advertize your business; come up with a catalog and of your store and your products. Put banners and tarpaulins advertizing your store. Not to forget a website for your store. Create a website which is easy to navigate or you can tie up with the many websites that sell like Ebay and HSN.
  • Join bazaars and flea markets. Coordinate with the organizers on the possibility of putting a kiosk or tent and how much will it cost you for the number of days that the bazaar will run.
  • Hire staffs to help you with the book keeping of everyday sales, accounting and auditing. Hire store personnel’s who can help you assist with your customers but personal assistance from you is the best. Courtesy is always important in any kind of business and the knowledge of each and every product available in your store.


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