Starting a Hockey Store

Love hockey? Here are guidelines to follow when starting a hockey store. Learn some tips and ways on how to be successful in this kind of business, knowing the fact that hockey is one of the most loved sports of a lot of people.

Many love the sports hockey. Be it ice hockey, field hockey, sledge hockey, roller hockey, street hockey and all forms of hockey.

Starting a hockey store is just like starting a sports store only you are specializing in a certain sport which is hockey. Know exactly what you want.

  • Create a business plan for your business. In every business venture the first step to take is always planning your business. Read books and magazines.
  • Know the business, know your market and learn how you will be able to market your store. Another factor to consider when starting a business is the name of your store. Think of something the can be considered easy to remember for easy mind recall.
  • How will you be able to finance your business? It is best if you have enough start-up capital to start your business. If not then consider asking help from friends and family for additional funds. You can offer co-ownership with them. You can also consider applying for a loan from banks or financial institution but choose which of them offers the lowest interest rate. There are banks which offer no collateral loans to small and medium enterprises.
  • Join clubs and organizations regarding your line of business. This way you will be abreast with what’s new in the business. The more versatile in the business can give you advice and share their success stories with you from which you can learn.
  • Apply for all necessary permits and licenses before starting your hockey store.
  • Jot down every sale made for easy inventory of your products. Do an annual accounting and auditing of your finances and profits.
  • Look for the best manufacturers of hockey gears and apparels, hockey sticks and skates, protective gears, accessories, jerseys and socks and all stuffs that are hockey. Offer free shipment of products; say for every $150 one time sale.
  • Offer products from the cheapest to most upscale product line in your hockey store.
  • After every sale made let your customer sign for a non formal hockey sessions with them. You can also offer hockey lessons to your customers. You can also create a hockey club this is one way to sustain your customers.
  • Finally, create a website for your business. This is one of the most effective ways to market your business. Simply because with just a click of the mouse your website can be accessed by anybody and everybody around the world. Best of all you can do business 24/7.

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  • vince said on June 8, 2012
    Rochester, NY. What are the forms I need to file to start and online company that sells hockey supplies?


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