How to Open a Latin Dance Store

Many are into ballroom dancing nowadays and with the many people getting into it there is definitely a market in this kind of business. Here’s how to open a Latin dance store.

In every business the most crucial part is the planning stage. In this stage you will have to think in what direction you like your business would be in the next couple of years.

This will be your guide in your Latin dance store. There are several factors to consider in making a sound business plan.

  • You need to involve the right people in the planning stage. Include in your plan your mission, objectives and goals to achieve. Give yourselves timeline to achieve every aspect of your business plan and strategize activities to meet your timeline. Write down your business plan, distribute copies to all of those who are involve in the business and make sure that you follow every single aspect of your business plan.
  • Read magazines and books regarding the business. Enroll in business entrepreneur classes. Study the market you are getting into.
  • Where do you like to establish your Latin dance store? If you are going to lease read all the term and conditions provided in the contract before signing it.
  • How much start-up capital do you need to put up to start your Latin dance store? You may want to apply for a loan for additional funds. Scout which bank, financial or lending institution which offers the lowest interest rate.
  • Where will you get your supply of products? What specific items do you want your customers to see in your store? These are just few questions that need answers. It is best that you make your store a one stop shop of anything and everything Latin. Dancing shoes, dresses, skirts, pants, tops and accessories. You can also add Latin dance lessons in the future as an expansion to your Latin dance store.
  • Aside from the usual marketing strategies known in the business industry you can also organize a ballroom dance competition to promote your Latin dance store.
  • There is also the issue of legalizing your business. To avoid penalties and charges apply the necessary permit and licenses prior to the opening of your store.
  • Another task is the hiring of the right staffs for your store. This also includes the management staff. Good if in the beginning of the planning stage you already have somebody assigned in the vital position of the management side of your business such as accountant and purchaser. If not then you need to hire people whom you think is trustworthy enough to avoid theft and dishonesty amongst them. Courtesy and knowledge of the products you are selling should be the top priority of your sales associates.


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