How to Become Dance Instructor

If you want to become a dance instructor, there are certain steps for you to follow. Begin with proper training for several years. Upon completion, you can now pick the path that you wish to take.

It’s not hard to achieve this kind of profession but you should have guts, confidence, and charisma.

Steps to Become a Dance Instructor

Regardless of the type of dance that you want to teach, there are 3 steps that you should follow. Firstly, you should get proper training. Former dancers who have the passion for dancing often become an instructor. To become one of the best, the training will usually take about ten years or more. Professional dancers who decided to retire are now teaching dances. Oftentimes, the dance classes are held over the weekend or on weeknights. There are different kinds of training programs and you have to pick one that suits your personal taste or preferences. For instance, if you like ballroom dancing, don’t take up a hip hop dance training.

If you want, you can enroll at a university or college in your area that offers instructor training. Diploma programs are even available in some areas. These programs typically cover instructor training and practical dance. Make sure that you complete the training program. Starting out in your chosen career can be difficult at first but this is natural. In fact, most successful dance instructors started with a small career in a local community or private center. To get the most out of your learning, try to focus in only one or two areas especially if you’re a beginner.

Some Facts about Dance Instructor

Some dances don’t require comprehensive training especially the folk or traditional dances. If you want to become a dance instructor for this type, all you have to do is learn the dance and practice it often. If you’re really interested in such dance, you can easily motivate your students by using effective styles of teaching. For dancers who love the company of tees, you can concentrate in modern dancing. If you have the qualities of a natural dancer and you want to teach others to dance, becoming a dance instructor is an excellent choice.

Be reminded though that this profession has limited room for advancement although you can choose among many options like classical ballet, hip hop, modern, etc. Competition in the industry is quite high and you must stand out in the crowd if you want potential clients to notice you. If you plan to work with an employer, you should be able to prove to the employer that you have unique dancing talents. Know the latest trends in the industry and never stop learning. Dance interests changes with time so you have to keep abreast with the new trends. Become a dance instructor now and enjoy doing something that you really love.


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