Starting a Mini Farm

Today, corporate jobs which are related to technology are much more given emphasis by people because they expect of earning higher salary.

But what they do not know about is that the more they focus to the technological advances the more agriculture, horticulture and aquaculture are getting ignored, when in fact these are the primary industries which must be given focus to.

But because of the growing demand for food, several mini-farm opportunities are being popular in the new world of today. As you see them growing, it is very important that you take part in a mini-farm business. Now is the time for you to earn more money by sharing and making the most out of your skills and knowledge in farming.

This is very ideal if you have a backyard because that can be the first step of your business. Aside from the fact that you no longer have to spend for a space, you can always monitor how your mini-farm works. It was in the year 1980 when this kind of farming became popular which was referred to as the micro-eco farm. In accordance with the Micro Eco-Farming Movement, there had been lots of reports that people used to raise rabbits in their apartments, organic herbs grown in the backyard to sell in the online market, miniature dairy cows, miniature sheeps, flower seeds grown in the backyard, garlic farms and heirloom vegetable grown in small acreage as well.

Things You Must Know in Starting a Mini Farm

To make the most out of the farm, most of the people who ventured into creating their mini-eco farm also used to come up with home cottage industries. From the wool of the rabbits, they used to spin wool and they also conducted cooking classes on the vegetable farm.

In coming up or starting up with your own mini farm, it is very important that you think first of what will you specialize in. Will it be birds, plants, flowers, vegetables or something? To be able for you to decide well, you must evaluate yourself on which you have interest in. Of course, your knowledge about a specific focus in farming will also count.

By starting to breed animals or to cultivate your crops, be sure that you will be using the right products and agents which will help them in their growth or production. Whatever you choose to breed or to grow in your mini-farm, you also need to find a place or entity where you can sell them. After you successfully found one, expect that lots of bills will be knocking on your doorsteps. Of course in the dealing, selling and negotiating process, you need to make use a large percentage of your charisma and sales talk abilities as well.

When you have already saved money, you can already find a place to have a bigger farm for your business.


  • ranjeet kumar said on December 28, 2011
    hello sir, i am from a village in nirsa, dhanbad, jharkhand. i am 28 yrs. old unemployed,qualification 10+2, i have an idea to start a small scale industry like leather tannery or E.C.G paper making industry in my village itself because of easy availability of land. now the capital is a factor. i want to know, am i eligible for the finance. if no what type of industries i should start. please inform soon. i will be thankful to you. its very urgent. thank you.
  • andi said on January 21, 2012
    sir, I am a papuan from Indonesia- province papua I had areal of farm and plan to star but I don't have money to equip all things which needs in work my country. thanks , please respond!
  • Manoj said on April 23, 2012
    Hello Sir, I am from rural areas of Karakampalli of chittoor district, andhra pradesh. People in my village are asking for some business which will be helpful to generate some income to survive their lives. As they dont have land and water. They wanted to develop themselves. Suggest a good business idea, How much will be investment and how to start the business as well as preferable only for ladies.
  • Dr Rupinder said on March 24, 2013
  • francis nguyen said on April 30, 2013
    hello sir. i lived in houston. love to raise crawfish in houston or near by where can i get help to built crawfish farm. will you please help me. thank you very much
  • sreevani said on May 1, 2013
    @Manoj, you can write in the website at to discuss further if you are ok to do so. I have some thoughts that can help your village do their livelihood. To do the same, need to know some more information. Please write in the website to discuss further. I will be happy if i am able to help you guys. Thanks,
  • D.Fidani said on September 27, 2015
    I would like to raise shrimp and crawfish indoors at a commercial level, the location will be in the niagara region in southern ontario ,Canada. my question to whoever replies, do you know of a indoor situation this high north and if so can you share your knowledge ? with things like costs structures ,system,etc. thank you
    ps : if possible please didn't repost this request it may effect future results, thank you


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