Starting a Bumper Sticker Store

If you are starting a bumper sticker store, you will need to start out with a local business. This is an excellent way to test the waters and if potential clients like your stickers.

Patronize your own sticker and make sure that you use effective marketing strategies. With the right strategies and techniques, you can earn considerable profits.

Things You Need

Bumper stickers are quite popular these days especially among owners of vehicles. You can easily express your view points or simply make statements by putting bumper stickers. You don’t need to start out big because with a little amount of investment, you can go a long way. It would be best to start out with a home business and when you are already earning stable income, you can now expand and market your products to the world. With a minimal experience in graphics, you can create your own bumper stickers using print sheets for shiny stickers, design program, printer, and paper cutter.

For your examples, you can create several designs that will showcase your talents. You will need to use witty and unique lines. Among the top sellers are bumper stickers that are funny, political, and sexy, child oriented, character, licensed, and many others. The design will depend on the ones that you want to create and the secret is to do the things that you’re passionate about.

Starting a Bumper Sticker Store Online

It would be best to sell your bumper stickers locally at first to test if the market likes your products. There are many info resources online that can help you in creating your own website. Most of the services are free and you only have to spend considerable time and you can already have a great business site. You can present your existing designs but you must offer your customers with customization options. Provide the guidelines on how to order the stickers and how to customize them. With a great guide, your customers will know what to do. Since you will be accepting payments online, you will need your own shopping cart. For starters, you can make $100 - $500 in a year. On your online business site, you can also inform your customers that the products are also available in certain stores in the local area.

Every now and then, you will need to come up with new designs. You can try out your designs on the sticker paper and make sure that you cut the papers in perfect lines. If you want, you can create a bumper sticker that promotes your online business. Stick it to your own vehicle so that wherever you go, you can promote your business. You can also advertise your business to your relatives and friends. These people can help in advertising your business. You can also use flyers and business cards for local promotion. In a few months time, you can definitely earn some great profits.


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