Open a Bumper Repair Shop

If you have the passion and talent in fixing car bumpers and you think that this can be a good business then you have to open your own bumper repair shop.

By starting small with a minimal investment, you can make the business big with hard work, research, and commitment.

Have you ever thought that you have a talent in fixing car bumpers and doing some great job in pimping your own ride? If you are one of the aspiring entrepreneurs who have the knack in doing minor to major bumper repairs then opening a bumper repair shop can be the business where you will shine. This can be a business that has the lucrative potentials of making you a big businessman.

Bumper repairs can be a hit since they are inexpensive. All you need is dedication in the business, hard work, and getting on all the basics in order to make the business progressive. You can be creative in the kinds of services that you would like to offer. You can even broaden your spectrum and give as many kinds of services as you can in many different vehicles. You can market to customers and provide affordable bumper fixes for cars, SUVs, vans, trucks, and so on. You may offer basic to special services such as body repair, carwash, bumper design, and so on. Body shops, private individuals, car rentals, and others can be your target clients. Your creativity and skills is the limit.

Some motorists tend to cover their bumpers with bumper stickers in order to make it look good. But you have to convince them that this is not the greatest solution because bumper repair which includes grinding, sculpting, sanding, and painting is the best solution for bumper scratches and scuffs. You can either sell bumper stickers as a quick alternative but you have to make sure that the bumper repair is affordable because it is the primary service in your new business.

When starting this business, you may do a little bit of research and visit other bumper repair shops. You may observe their site and the transactions that they are going into. You can survey their products and the services that they render. You may even have personal interview with the business owner but if this is difficult to do since you are an incoming competitor, then you may ask someone to do it for you. You also have the choice of visiting other bumper repair shop far from your business locations. By doing this, you will be able to get powerful tips and advices from the people who have already succeeded in this kind of business.

Starting this business may not require a huge amount of capital investment. You may start with the basic bumper repair tools and do your businesses in a small shop or even in your own yard or garage. You can buy, rent, or even use second hand tools in your first operations. While your bumper repair shop grows, you can expand your services and add more tools in your shop.


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