Growing Daisies for Business

Daisies are probably one of the most widely used and widely marketed flowers out there. They are beautiful indoors but also thrive in throngs outdoors. They are perfect for centerpieces but are also great for corsages.

To help you start your own daisy garden, here are a few tips in growing and planting beautiful daisies.

Planning to go into the flower-selling business, especially if one does not know anything about gardening or flowers can be an intimidating task. Luckily, there are certain kinds of flowers that do not require expert experience in gardening or planting flowers. At the same time, such flowers are so versatile and so beautiful that they have a wide range of market that it makes them perfect for business. Such a flower is the very popular and very beautiful daisy. To help you start your very own daisy garden, here are a few things to remember.

Like most flowers, daisies also come in many varieties. Most kinds of daisies are annuals, which means that they grow back yearly. However, there are also varieties of daisies that have to be planted again for them to grow back. Daisies also come in varying sizes and colors; hence, one must choose the variety of daisy for one’s own business needs.

Daisies are primarily grown from seeds. It is important to remember to choose a spot in the garden that receives much sun exposure. Daisies grow best when they are fully exposed to the sun. The soil that will be used for a daisy farm must have good drainage of the water as well as rich in nutrients. It is recommended that one mix compost in the soil before planting the daisies. The area chosen must have a level ground and must be raked to expose the lower part of the soil. Toss the seeds into the soil and cover them with one-eighth of the soil. Remember to make sure that the soil is properly hydrated until the seed germinates. Once the plant is about two to three inches in height, space them out into one plant per twelve inches of space. Water the daisies only when they seem dry. Remember to fertilize the soil only once a month.

Though growing daisies from seeds is a popular choice for starting a daisy farm, one can also opt to buy already grown daisies from garden centers. In doing so, one can also be sure that the daisy variety one is planting is suitable for the climate of the area that one is in. For these young daisy plants, do not plant them deeper than they are planted when you first got them. Water these young daisy plants until they have rooted in your garden. Once they are rooted, water the daisy plants only when they appear dry.

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    I am intending to start growing strawberry in Botswana, would you please guide and advice on growing and equipments needed for the project, the only thing that I have now is land.


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