How to Start a Microwave Repair Store

Are you tired of your daily office routine? Do you want to earn more bucks than the average-paying and boring job gives you? Incidentally, do you know how to repair microwave ovens and other smaller appliances?

Then it is time for you to startup your own microwave repair store business by following these simple, yet effective tips to get you started.

Starting one’s own business is one of the most practical and convenient ways in dealing with the recent financial crisis that has affected a number of industries for the past few months. With the proper knowledge and skill, one can profit greatly in either small or medium-scale businesses. Accordingly, starting an appliance repair business is one of the most rewarding opportunities, especially for a budding entrepreneur. In establishing an appliance repair store, it is advisable to specialize in repairing a specific electrical device. Specializing in microwave oven repair is a good place to start.

To begin with this repair shop, one needs to be knowledgeable in basic repairs and troubleshooting. There is no formal education required but attending seminars and continuous efforts in improving your knowledge in microwave repair will greatly increase your competence that will make your repair shop more profitable.

Making a Microwave Repair Store Business Plan

The next thing to make sure of is to create a concrete business plan. The first consideration in your business plan is the startup cost. These include the office space, the tools, the licenses and certificates and the cost of advertisement.

Then, consider whether to make this business home based or renting your own office space. If you have limited capital, it is better to start home base. In this way, you could redirect the budget for office space to the other expenditures.

Investing on good and sturdy repair tools is also a must in this business. Unlike any other business, the tools needed here are not that expensive. You could purchase a basic tool kit for as low as $89 to a 60-piece tool set for $429.

Advertising Your Microwave Repair Business

There are many types of advertisement that this kind of business can use. The most basic form of advertisement is handing out business cards and fliers. Aside from distributing these materials in public places, attending community meetings will also be a good place to advertise your repair store. Good acquaintances mean good connections.

You could also place an ad in the phonebook for easy reference for your potential clients. Of course, the best advertisement is how you treat your clients. From the very start, tell your client what is really wrong with their microwave oven and how much the repair will cost. Clients tend to get dismayed and suspicious if you give them a large bill after the repair. Being honest and tactful will reap rewards for your business in the future.

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