Starting an Ice Maker Repair Shop

Do you want to start your own ice maker repair shop but do not know how to take the first step?

There is no need to worry anymore. Here is an article that will guide you to the initial steps that you must make in starting your own repair shop today.

Ice is a very valuable commodity nowadays, although many of us do not take time to realize its worth. From restaurants to processing plants, ice is very important to the continuous operation of many business establishments. Many of these businesses even invested on their own ice makers, to save some capital used for purchasing ice from dealers. Even homeowners bought their own ice makers in order to enjoy its convenience.

With this, there is a clear and profitable opportunity for starting an ice maker repair shop. Like any other appliance repair business, an ice maker repair shop needs ample planning and information about the intended shop.

Planning and Cost

The first thing to do to startup an ice maker repair shop business is creating a plan. A good plan should include the startup cost, the tools needed, the number of repairmen and staffs needed, the location of the shop and the business licenses and permits that should be secured.

The startup cost for the ice maker repair should include the cost of the tools, the spare parts, the rent or cost of the office space, the office supplies, the salary of the staffs and repairmen, the advertising cost and the fees for securing permits and licenses. On the other hand, the tools include some of the basic repair devices such as screwdrivers or nut drivers and wrench. Meanwhile, the most often damaged part of the ice maker is the water valve. It is therefore advisable to invest some of these as spare parts.

Office Space, Licenses and Manpower

In looking for the place where you can hold office, it is advisable to first go to the zoning office to check if the area of your choice allows an ice maker repair shop business in the location of your choice. Once you have secured a zoning clearance, inquire and get the necessary permits for the ice maker repair shop. It may cost a few bucks but it is cheaper than paying penalties and lawyer’s fees.

Next thing to do is to choose a place strategic to businesses or residential areas. It must be conveniently located so as to catch the attention of potential clients. It will also save traveling expenses for your repairmen in going to the client’s place if your office is near these establishments.

Hiring diligent and competent employees is next on the list. As much as possible, secure necessary documents and background checks to ensure the quality of the service you plan to provide. Train them in how to approach the problem methodically and how to be courteous to your clients.


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