Transcription Work at Home Business

Work-from-home is currently popular due to developments in technology that allow people to get access to data from remote locations. Are you interested in one of the most popular work at home jobs?

Learn what qualifications you need to have to become a transcriptionist. Learn how to get a legitimate job as a work-at-home transcriptionist.

Work-from-home has gained popularity recently due to various reasons, among them developments in technology that allow people to get access to send and receive files of various types through the Internet. With the popularity of online jobs, comes the popularity of transcription work. Transcription work involves converting recorded reports into written files. These files may be medical records, office notes, or letters.

People are attractive to transcription jobs at home for various reasons. Some wanted the freedom and flexibility of working at his convenient time. Some found it ideal to stay at home to be with their kids. If you are one of those people who are exploring the possibility of working from home as a transcriptionist, be aware about the realities of this kind of job.

Do you Have What it Takes to be a Transcriptionist?

While the prospect of having the convenience of the home as your office may be attractive, be sure it is a job that you like to do and that you have the skills and knowledge to do it. Not all people are cut for a job staring in the computer for hours and beating deadlines. If that is a prospect that scares you, you should reconsider your job options. There are general transcription jobs that do not require a particular skill. But legal and medical transcriptions not only require knowledge but also experience. These are specialized fields as an error in medical transcription, for example, can result to serious results that involve the life of a person.

Training to Become a Transcriptionist

Training to become a transcriptionist is expensive. One way to get training at a lesser cost is to enroll in programs in local colleges. A degree and experience related to the topic you will be transcribing is a plus all the time. However, even with training and experience, finding a transcription job could be a challenge, more so is finding a home-based job. While the internet is replete with a lot of such job openings, scams are also rampant. A sure way is to find clinics, hospitals and law firms that seek transcribers. Ask for referral from friends who are in the transcription business. Meet people in the medical or legal field. Before getting a home-based job, you will have to do considerable job in a reputable clinic for a considerable time. Later, you can ask your employer to allow you to work at home or get referrals from other transcriptionist friends for some transcribing jobs online.

Working at home would require you to have the tools to do the job. The basic of these is a personal computer with the capability to access voice files, fast Internet connection, headset and foot pedal, and dictionaries or references.


  • amju said on October 9, 2010
    i am a mbbs final yr student i would like to know about medical transcription and related with it.what is the requirement for it.. i am in karaikal(pondichery ut)
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    goregaon,mumbai,india .i would like to work from home do help me .
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    hi i am chennai i need part time job..plz revert me
  • priya said on October 19, 2012
    hi, i am priya and i have done my medical biochemistry post graduate. i like to about medical transcription and want to work from home. is it possible to work from home. is it ok if i take a two week training. totally how much amount will it take to install. kindly reply me.
  • krisha said on March 29, 2013
    hi i'm from Kathmandu Nepal, i would like to know what are the real companies providing work in transcription
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    I would love to do this from home. I am in the North West. South Africa
  • Umesh said on January 7, 2014
    Please contact me for the transcription work (9940624053)
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    Hi I am savithri now i am already work in home based tamil Script typing for the some channel work. but now it is very if any person wanted tamil typing for home based work pls call my mail id.


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