International Labor Laws

International Labor Laws are constructed to protect the rights of worker, their families, and their organizations, especially in these times that there are various people who are taking advantage of the people’s dire need for employment.

In a world that is full of transgressions relative to the working situations of different people from several points of the world, there is indeed a need for a body of law that can protect the welfare of all the hard working people, whether young or old.

Everybody is entitled to their own rights to make a living in the best possible condition they can have. It has been everyday that we can see people having problems with their employment. There are many rights being violated, and vulnerable workers being abused. It is about time that the people all over the world to be awakened and find a way to make sense out of their living. Man does not have to die to make a living for himself and his family. And the best hand to make decisions on it is the government in partnership with other sectors that would benefit or be affected by this advantageous step in our labor society. That is basically why the International Labor Laws were constructed for all people covered by it.

The International Labor Law is just among the many laws created by the United Nations and different International Organizations, which is also known as International Laws. The said International Laws are rules that are legalized for the welfare of various sovereign states and other organizations that are recognized internationally by the said sovereign states. These laws are applicable to all international entities and their different transactions with each other. But it must be known that international laws are different from national laws in terms of its coverage. National laws are applicable only within its jurisdiction to maintain discipline.

That is why International Labor Law is a body of rules and regulations that are legally promulgated for the international entities for the proper transacting, managing, and caring of the labor and employment rights of each individual or groups of individuals. International Labor Laws addresses the rights, obligations, and privileges of employers, workers and their organizations.

At present, the different objectives of the International Labor Organization, relevant to their construction of the International Labor Laws, are: to provide man with a full employment; to raise the people’s standard of living; to provide up-to-date facilities for the people where they can all enjoy equal access to a success and progress; to recognize every person’s right to collective bargaining; to gather full cooperation from employers and employees to improve the current situation of labor in different countries; and to encourage the collaboration of employers and employees to prepare and apply social and economic measures to generate enough amount of income, protection, and security for all.

International Labor Laws were also established to create a healthy competition among so many small and big businesses in consideration of the workers in each. It means that ILO hopes for the elimination of the possible negative effects of competition towards the workers who are the main people literally make things happen for the company. With the presence of the international Labor Laws, there is now fair competition among businesses all over the world.

Excessive competition will then become a chaotic rivalry among businesses, and even among countries. Actually, there are also some existing gaps and rivalries between nations and countries that may also affect the workers and their employment status. That is why through the International Labor Laws, ILO can now give aids towards the affected people and families. Step by step, the International Labor Laws make way to create world peace by making provisions for different religions, races, cultures, and political views.

The International Labor Laws were also created to promote social justice in the whole world. The economy is said to progress, and people have stable employment if there is a due process taking place in every aspect of their lives, especially in their occupation.

Change is everywhere, and the International Labor Laws gradually adapts to these changes. And with the initiatives that ILO makes thru the International Labor Laws, it is in their goals that all the nations and states would also follow the adjustments and changes that must be made in order to create a parallel standard all over the world.

Thru the International Labor Laws, the ILO would want to serve as an inspiration to many other countries to live in a world that is free from social injustice, especially towards the workers and their families. That way, the change that is aimed at by the said laws would manifest not only in international trades, but also within every country all over the world.


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