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Interface Financial franchise information is available to the aspiring franchisees. Applicant must be able to meet the financial requirements and franchisee qualifications in order to be approved as an official franchisee of the company.

Interface Financial Corp. was founded by John T. Sheehy in 1971 to aid various businesses in their finances.

With its growing number of clients, Interface Financial Corp. decided to welcome qualified franchisees since 1991. If you are one of the aspiring Interface Financial Corp. franchisee, then you must consider the franchise information the company has set for franchisee applicants.

Interface Financial Franchise Corp. is open for possible franchisees in nationwide and outside United States, such as in Africa, Australia, Canada, Central America, Mexico, South America, and Western Europe.

A qualified franchisee is someone who can put up a net worth requirement of $250,000. You must also have $75,000 as your cash liquidity requirement. You must be an experienced professional in the business industry. An experience in financial management is a plus but not required.

If you are found to be a qualified franchisee, you will be granted with 10 years of contract that is renewable upon expiration. In the agreement, you are to expect an investment of at least $88,300 to $139,300. As a part of your investment, you are to pay the company $36,000 for the franchising fee which must be given upon signing of the agreement. The ongoing royalty fee is 8% of your sales monthly.

And if you are not skilled in the financial management area, you do not have to worry because Interface Financial Franchise will be allowing you to undergo a thorough training with their expert trainers. The training will be done in the headquarters for 2 days only. You will be trained in your location for 3 to 5 days. And if still needed, you will be having an ongoing training in your own unit. But based on their training module, their program will last for three two-day trainings. In the first module, you are to learn and familiarize yourself with the company through their Interface Operations Manual. But you will be assisted by the executives of the company as you go through this module. In the second module, you will have your two-day training at the Irvine facility in Orange County. You will be taught about the different operational, financial accounting, marketing, and management skills that are observed in the business. The last module is done in the actual location with the company’s executive. The training will last for two days where you will be starting your Lead Source Referral Group.

Paired with the training services provided by the company, you will also benefit from their unrelenting support. You will always be updated with the current trends and issues in the financial marketing industry through their newsletters. They will also inform you about the meetings and conventions that are commissioned by Interface Financial Corp. and others that may be related to your field of business. Also, they have put up their website and other internet-based domains where you can access your needed information online. You can also access their 24/7 hotlines in case there are things you would want to discuss that may be vaguely explained to you earlier. Also, there will be occasional on-the-job visitations by the company’s professional representatives to see to it that you and your employees are doing well in the business franchise unit that you got.

The company is also providing you with feasible marketing assistance through different advertising strategies making use of the available forms of mass media and communication technology. They also have provisions for telemarketing to ensure greater chances of acquiring more clients.

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  • r.jagannathan said on September 19, 2010
    chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. I am ready to do this service, since i am having more than 25 years of experience in the accounts department. How to get the business. As I am having a computer in my house, and Internet. I am ready to install the software which i required for starting this service. Please advice.


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