How to Start a Tuffy Associates Franchise

As a smart entrepreneur, starting up a Tuffy Associates Franchise will be a great move that you can do. So, start finding ways on how to become a Tuffy Associates Franchisee.

1970 is the year when Charles Amy started Tuffy Auto Service Centers and opened his first Tuffy Muffler shop. After a year, the company started franchising and has expanded in some states. The company is based in Toledo.

Quality services with cheaper prices are too rare today. Most of the consumers today are looking for quality service and Tuffy can deliver this to its customer. They offer quality parts that are manufactured by known producers at a lower price that most competitors cannot contest. And most of the equipment qualifications are met by Tuffy Auto Service Centers.

Tuffy do have a Technical Center where ongoing training of their personnel occur, it is a state of the art training center for the company’s personnel in order to thoroughly train their staff and personnel. It’s been Tuffy’s commitment to provide quality service and through Tuffy Technical Center they can stay modernized of the new knowledge in everyday changing automotive aftermarket. With a slogan “We Do It Right”, it has been a philosophy that they are holding on to offer their customers the best service in the field of automotive. They are highly professional in terms of providing quality service and do it in a timely manner.

Below are the expertises of Tuffy Auto Service Centers:

Engine Diagnostics Exhaust System
Alignment Brakes
Fuel Economy Oil Changes
Suspension & Ride Control Air Conditioning
Heating & Cooling Maintenance Tune-Ups
Power Flush Services Tires
Preventive Maintenance Starting & Charging


In providing best service, Tuffy Franchise continually to develop and examine latest products and services use to qualify the needs of a varying market. And they only use products and services that are qualified and will give the best service to their customers.

The success of its franchise is the success of the company itself. They provide full support to their franchisee because Tuffy franchise system is based on the continuous achievement of their franchise holders.

With the commitment of being on the top of the automotive industry, they do everything to provide the demand of excellent products and services.

There are lots of benefits in becoming a Tuffy Franchise, knowing the fact that automotive market is really growing tremendously. Added to this is the prices of new automobiles that are rising up, the longer the automobile is being used the more money is being spend to maintain a vehicle. Today, numbers of vehicles on the road are really high; this is according to the American Market Research Council. Many homes do have multiple numbers of vehicles in their garage. And there are different vehicles that are being made nowadays such as trucks, minivans, light trucks, sport utility vehicle and many more. Through this fact, bigger opportunities for these vehicles are brought to service centers for repairs.

Though, Tuffy is not the biggest repair center, it has been ranked by Entrepreneur, Success and Income Opportunities magazines as “One of the Best Automotive Service Franchise in the U.S.”.

With a total investment of $209,000 to $349,000 and initial franchise fee of $25,000, you can start up your own Tuffy Associates Franchise. This also includes a royalty fee of 5% and a term of 15 years term of agreement. 


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