How to Start a Pie Shop

A delicious and high-earning business is yours to take if you have the talent in baking and serving pies.

Know how to start a pie shop and find out the secrets in winning this business.

If you are into delicious cakes and mouth-watering pies then you have to indulge yourself in sharing your talent in baking by starting your own pie shop!

Your passion and knack in making and serving pies and cakes will be your best investment in having a lucrative business that may start in your own home or a small store. But of course, you have to create a plan in order to succeed in this business.

You must be excited in opening your shop and serving your first slices of delicious pies. But there are also factors that you have to consider first before actually launching your pie shop business. Knowing the ins and outs on how to start a pie shop will become a part of your guide in attaining success in starting and running it.

First, you have to think of competition and start knowing your competitors through simple investigations. Try to research, list, and even visit the pie shops near you and observe on how they run the business through their production hours, their store ambiance, the facilities, and others that can be helpful to your plan-making. You may also search for their websites and try to learn from their secrets and on how they started their business and become big. You must also learn about the competition level in your area also by making pie shop research.

After the competitor assessment that you have done, you are now ready to make plans and try having further business research. It is an edge if you will try to interview other businesses and get some ideas on how they run the business. You may talk to a pie shop expert personally or you can hire someone to interview your competitors. You can also visit other areas far from your location and then try to talk to them about the same business that you would like to start. You may even find a friend in the industry that can help you in running your business through professional advices.

If you are reluctant about starting the business on your own and you just can’t get things together, you can also have the option to just purchase a franchise. There are so many affordable and high-earning franchise opportunities there to choose from. At least in the pie shop industry, you can be sure that the franchise is lucrative because they offer food products.


  • Reuel Dhevadhayalan Naidoo said on May 21, 2013
    I work and live in Saudi Arabia. I want to open a pie factory shop. I have spoken to a lot of people and have there support. Need to know were to buy the machinery. And also look at some recipes to create this product and people or ideas on packaging.
  • joseph malcolmson said on November 14, 2014
    pie shop business, east end glasgow/scotland
  • laura said on August 14, 2015
    I live in Maryland. One of my Ideal locations is in Virginia. Because of the name of the town. I have recipes and I'm a talented pie maker. I'm simply at the point in my life I would like to be the boss/partner. I have 2 or 3 names for the shop. I wish to understand the fabrication of a business plan . The "ducks" to be put in a row in the proper order. Many thanx, Laura Griffith. Hagerstown, 21742
  • Beatha Jeremia said on May 20, 2017
    @laura am a Namibian i have the idea of opening a pie business in the northern part of Namibia. i have made my research there are no other pie business in and around the town and people are excited about the idea. i would love to inquire on your recipes and if you can as well be my business partner?
  • Lisa Lewis said on July 25, 2017
    Hello, I need to understand the pro and the cons. I have a location in mind and also a name, just need to know what will be the next step. Thanks


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