How to Start a Hydroponic Farm

If you are unaware of what hydroponic farming is, then it is a farming process that lets you grow your plants even without soil. It depends on the liquid instead of the soil for it to be provided with nutrients that the plants need.

With these articles, you would be informed about all the important tools and equipment that you need to make your hydroponic farm a success.

Determine Your Sub-Irrigation Technique

You must be decided whether you want to utilize a sub-irrigation technique. In this type of culture, you will utilize trays that are packed with porous material and flood them with a nutritious solution. You can then gather up and reuse the runoff for as long as it can maintain the needed amount of nutrients that your plants would need. You may also consider the water culture way. This uses instead a material that looks like a glass wool which can just float on top of the water solution filled with nutrients as well.

Evaluation of Benefits

Think whether the benefits of the drip or slop method is really effective. The culture techniques can really replace the soil with some sand. And then you just pour the nutrient solutions on the sand. Along with the drip method, you can also establish a system that is designed to render an unceasing drip of liquid. Analyze also the kind of hydroponic system that you prefer to use. You can choose from the common options of passive or active. With the active system, the pump moves the solution right around the system; while the passive type relies on the porous material to get the water into the roots.

Get All the Important Supplies

The supplies that you need would depend on the kind of culture technique you would choose to do. But in the most usual of cases, you would just need to have the porous materials, the hydroponic system, nutrient solution and the seeds or the plants. You can visit the hydroponic stores to buy such ready to use systems along with the rest of the items that you need.

Setting Up

You must set up the plants, seeds and equipment properly. If you plan to set it up outdoors, then you should watch out and be updated with the local weather guidelines so that your planting will not be disturbed. Or you can also invest on a green house to start with your indoor farming. You must spend time and effort to maintain it in the best condition for your plants to grow successfully. The bigger your farm, the heavier your work will be. To make things easier on your part, then you should render the right nutrient solution at the perfect time. You must also pick and prune the plants for as many times as possible.


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  • Tomas said on March 6, 2014
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  • Konda Ramesh said on April 3, 2015
    respected sir/madam, I would like to know nutrients for this system per litter of We add nutrients every day to same water? Or once. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, K Ramesh.
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    Hello sir i am pondicherry i want know about hydroponic training, material and investment cost.
  • Zainab Abubakar said on April 7, 2015
    I am interested in the method of farming. though i want to start with a small scale for home use first, kindly furnish me with the detail cost implication and where to reach you. i equally want to know about the capacity building (knowledge transfer) and materials needed. thanks
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