How to Open a Magic Shop

Opening a magic shop can be a cool business idea if you know how to handle it well and market it to more potential clients.

The same as with any other business out there, you need to have carefully conducted a feasibility study and have an effective business plan at hand if you want to succeed in the business of opening a magic shop.

That business plan for your magic shop should be specific and should include necessary factors such as your budget and the type of products you will have in your inventory.

In the outset, borrowing money for your starting capital might be an attractive option you might want to immediately jump into but it will still be favorable for you if you will first gather as much money as you can using your own resources. Getting a loan could be convenient at first but the interests could catch up with you in the future and if not properly handled, could be difficult to pay later on. Yes, opening a magic shop can be a fun idea for a business but it’s still a business so you need to invest some money on it and start to gain some earnings.

Now to get you started with your magic shop, you should be good in choosing what you should sell in there. First and foremost, magic accessories such as those used for stage performances and even for simple illusion magic tricks should be considered. Your store could likewise get more attention from many potential customers if you will be selling cabinet escapes and guillotines.

Of course, there are some staple items that should always be available in your magic shop such as trick cards and magic trick tutorials in the form of books or DVD’s. In addition, you better keep your eyes peeled for any new products and best sellers you can find in the internet. Besides, most magic enthusiasts and other clients look to the web as their primary source for magic related products.

Speaking of the internet, having your own website would also be for your own advantage. You should utilize it not only to showcase your magic items and draw more people to your store but it also to accommodate online orders. Familiarize yourself with shipping methods and the charges that go along with it and you could increase in your sales as well. Aside from local orders, you can also work on accepting international orders later on for those outside the country and are interested on directly purchasing products from you.

Actually, if you have your own online store, it won’t really matter much if the magic shop will be located in a small retail space. The web enough can get you a lot of orders if have utilized to the fullest. In addition, as long as the magic store will be strategically located where a lot of passerby’s could see it (such as universities, shopping malls, downtown districts and many others), then that would be an assurance that you could get more clients and curious onlookers dropping by your store any given day.


  • Hamid Ali said on March 15, 2010
    I need advice to open magic store in atlanta.
  • Joe Pruitt said on October 12, 2013
    My girlfriend and I are wanting to open up a magic shop in our town. We both love to perform AND observe magic in all its forms. Plus there is no such shop in our city. The main concern we have is money. How much would it cost and where and who exactly would help us obtain a loan? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  • Rana Bandyopadhyay said on August 3, 2014
    Opening magic shop only requires investment. But for making real profit out of it only depends on the cost price of your products. Kolkata of India is famous for cheaper magic items. You may contact me if interested.


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