Dealing with Business Mentor

In business, there is a truth behind the saying, “A good entrepreneur learns from his experience while a better businessman learns from the experience of others.”

However, starters should know how to effectively deal with their business mentors so the learning experience will be more fruitful and provides them advantages to their rivals.

For starters, it is very important to have a business mentor who can teach them how to manage a business, compete with other rival companies, survive in the ever-changing business climate, and maximize profits and sales.

However, having a business tutor is not enough to make someone adept in any money-making venture. According to successful entrepreneurs, novice businessmen should do the following to learn quickly from their tutors.

Listen to their ideas to create a new one

Successful entrepreneurs have one thing in common: they think outside the box. To outwit their rivals, businessmen create schemes that are out of the norms, leaving their competitors baffled and struggling to survive.

To make the learning process more fruitful, starters should listen to every idea of their mentors until they have enough knowledge to create their own ideas that are inspired from the thoughts of business experts.

For novice businessmen, the worst thing they can do is become passive listener, consuming every idea and thought presented to them without pondering, imbibing, and reflecting on this.

Be honest and open

The reason for having a business mentor is to learn from their expertise. However, learning means that people should be open and honest to allow their mentors what should be the focus of their study.

For example, a novice businessman tells all his concerns to his mentor, no matter how trivial some of these may appear. Remember that in mentoring, being honest and open is not being gullible, but being pragmatic enough to admit that a person should also need the expertise of another individual.

Respect the time of mentors

Starters should be the one who must adjust their schedule to meet their mentors, not the other way around. Doing this is respecting the time of mentors who are usually busy with their own business and other activities.

A meeting with mentors should ideally lasts 15 to 30 minutes and should be held in relax places like a coffee shop. Meanwhile, avoid inviting mentors to a lunch or dinner which usually lasts an hour or more.

Do not be passive during the conversation

When talking with mentors, business starters should avoid being passive, listening and nodding their heads in approval. Conversation, which should always be a two-way communication, includes throwing questions and sometimes even disapproval.

Thank mentors for their time

While this may be a common sense, thanking them should not only be in words. If possible, offer them simple personal favors.


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