How to Make Money from a Concert

There are 2 ways to make money from a concert, one is who promotes the concept, called promoter. Other one is who sells the tickets, called agent or broker.

1. Concert Promoter

A concert promoter does 50 jobs together to make a concert successful and make some money. Fixing a date, finding good artist, finding a good place is the bare minimum requirement for a concert to happen.

He needs to go through 10 different things for marketing only. Advertising through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google are few among many. Getting the right art work and advertising through print media is very essential.

It is very hard and not advisable to aim for becoming a promoter from day one. Many just start it very early by becoming an intern, then work for a concert promotion company before becoming a consultant in the industry. After getting his hand dirty enough he plans for starting his own promotion company.

2. Ticketing Agents and Brokers

Making money from a concert is a good idea to consider. It actually will start in purchasing and selling tickets for the concert known as the ticket brokerage or ticket reselling. This will help obtain more income from the tickets to sell for an extra income.

Ticket brokerage is indeed a fun way of making cool bucks for only a few weeks. Apart from that, one does not need to have any formal qualification to start this venture. Only a minimum startup capital is required and this is only carried out at home.

Finding Ticket to Purchase

The first step one must consider in making money from a concert is in finding the right kind of ticket to buy. This includes a great research and preparation. There might always be a concert in every corner with all the bands or musicians staging the said famous concerts. Well, such concert really needs to be a main target. The fact that they are popular is already a proof that more people will go crazy and will purchase tickets for the concerts.

Before buying tickets, keeping abreast of some of the important information about the concert is essential. It will include the venue and the exact date. It will also include staying current with some of the latest entertainment and music news. Doing this helps one obtain enough information in mind to finally decide the concert ticket to purchase.

Make a Purchase

Once one has finally decided on the concert ticket to buy, one must then determine the time that the tickets will be put on sale. One also needs to determine if there are pre-sales wherein one needs a password to buy tickets. It is always an essential idea to do a research on the on-sale and pre-sale of the tickets since there are possibilities that different ticket prices might go up.

Sell Your Purchased Tickets

Once you have the concert tickets, next productive move is to put it on sale at right time and put the entire profit in your pocket. This is considered to be the easiest way on how to make money from a concert. Try to sell the ticket through word of mouth, advertising in different social media platforms over the internet and a whole lot more. This will help give a chance to make money from a concert.


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