How to Make an Egg Incubator

If you want to hatch eggs from home, you can create your own egg incubator. You need consider factors like temperature control, humidity control, turning mechanism, and flooring.

Decide on the materials that you will use like old appliance, light bulb or lamp, and wire for the flooring. Star working on your project today.

Making an Egg Incubator

Not everyone can afford to buy a new egg incubator. If you badly need this equipment, there is a cost effective option – making your own egg incubator. There are some things that you need to consider when building one like temperature control, humidity control, turning mechanism, and flooring. When you have looked into these things one by one, it is possible to create an effective device that you can use at home. Choose a location where you will put the incubator and it should be away from drafts or direct sunlight.

Choose an accessible location so that you can clean it with ease and you can turn the eggs when needed. You can find a lot of plans online that you can use. Make sure that you stick with a good design that can meet your needs or requirements. For the body, you can use the body of any discarded appliance. Airtight appliances include fridges and microwaves. If you don’t have one at home, check out the local junkyard. Clean the body using disinfectant and bleach. To get rid of the residual fumes, you have to leave it open for awhile.

Heat Source and Other Considerations

For the incubator’s heat source, you can use a light bulb – preferably 40 watts. You have to maintain uniform temperature inside the body. To control the temperature, it’s better to use a special heat lamp with dimmer switch. You can use the home made incubator for hatching eggs and brooding baby animals like chicks. Two other factors should be considered. To monitor humidity and temperature, you will need thermometers and a wet-bulb barometer. Since the eggs should be turned at least three times a day, you have to develop your own method of turning them without touching and with little open-air.

It’s best to use a wire grill for the flooring. If you’re using an old appliance, you can set up the wire flooring a bit higher than the actual flooring or the sides. Make sure that you install with properly to prevent rolling and breaking of the eggs. Now that you know the different methods to create your own homemade egg incubator, you can start working on your project. Gather all the things and materials you need. This will make it easier for you to work on the incubator. When installing the light bulb or lamp, you will have to find a way to install it at the center of the body for equal heat distribution. Soon, you can hatch eggs from home.


  • Hussain said on September 1, 2010
    i'm using 5 Watt power bulbs as a heat source. but it doesn't work correctly. pleas help me to make a heat source
  • augustine thomas said on July 9, 2011
    what is the temperature to be maintained in a egg incubator? What should be the relative humidity in a incubator? Could somebody help me know this? Thanks.
  • Bordhan said on December 11, 2011
    I made a small size incubator but result not good .And how to improve my incubator. Pls help me.
  • mesbah Uddin said on January 4, 2012
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  • Cavin jayoo said on August 2, 2012
    I want to make one but am still not clear on the turning mechanism assist me with information
  • JD said on October 16, 2012
    Is it possible to make a incubator out of an old microwave.
  • sujana sohel said on March 31, 2014
    my pigeon are fled away from their eggs & i do not know what can i do
  • Prince Wales said on April 28, 2015
    PLS. I Need To Know More On Turning Of The Do I Put The Eggs In Crate And Turn The Crate One At A Time Or Turn The Eggs Upside Down As In Let The Head Be Down And The Tail Up.


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