How to Become a Story Writer

Perhaps you are amazed with the great books that you read at home or in the library and because of this you are inspired to create your own story and become a successful writer.

It may be hard to create your original story to write but once you have practice mastered the process, everything will be much easier.

Improve your Grammar and Knowledge

Using right grammar when writing a story is essential because the quality of your work will only be criticize by the expert if you will not do it right. Proper usage of punctuation as well as words is the key in writing stories. You don’t have to use jargon words that are hard to understand, use simple but catchy phrases to attract the attention of the readers. Once you caught the attention of the readers, they will continue reading the story and this means that you are an effective writer. The terms that you must include in the story should be appropriate to your target reader. If you want to attract teens then it should not contain childish information.

Be Creative

Since you are not allowed to copy or rewrite stories from popular authors you must be creative in thinking of the stories that you are going to write. Make sure that it contains information that will not be linked to other stories. Visualize your story before writing and think of a story that can be related to your life or others. Read more books or novels, perhaps it will inspire you to do great stories. Practice often by writing short stories and submit it to publications or let your friends read it and ask for their opinion. The more creative your story you can create the more it will come out unique.

Right Place to Work your Story

Most of the popular writer doesn’t really choose a place to write because anywhere can be a great place but of course this will not apply to all. If you are one of those who want to write in a more peaceful place where you can think hard then the best thing that you must do is to go to that place. Make sure that no one is around to bother you, so that you can concentrate well in what you are writing. However, always bring with you a pen and notebook because it case got an idea to add in your story, you can easily write it down. Travel in different places and observe you’re environment.

Submit Your Work and Hire an Agent

Your work will become popular if you will not submit it to publishing companies or hire an agent. You can also use the internet in publishing your work for you to know whether it will catch the attention of the readers or not. If you gain popularity online it will not be easy to create stories and publish it.


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