Becoming a Wedding Coordinator

If you have the passion for coordinating and planning weddings, then being a wedding coordinator will simply be your passion.

By using your skills, you will be able to earn money and at the same time be able to help other people organize the wedding of their dreams.

To plan a wedding is not just as easy as saying your sweet “Yes, I do” for your future husband or wife. Planning a wedding would require you a lot of time and effort before it would really materialize. More so, it is a given fact that most brides and grooms who are planning to have a wedding do not necessarily have the luxury of time for them to personally do things for their wedding. With this in mind, here comes the importance of a wedding coordinator.

What is a Wedding Coordinator?

As stated, most couples who are planning to get married do not have the luxury of time to get things in order. That is why they look for a person who would serves as a lifeline of the bride to make each things fall into proper places. And these people are called the wedding coordinator or wedding planner.

Becoming a Wedding Coordinator

So what are the things that one must consider before they actually consider themselves as a wedding coordinator? The very first thing that one must be particular with is the planning profession. By doing so, you will know what are the things expected from you once you are hired as a wedding coordinator. Some things that you might actually do so that you can make your planning scheme effective is by reading magazines as well as books that would teach you how to plan weddings. More so, you can interview full-fledged wedding coordinators so that they can give you pieces of advice that will surely help you.

Take Online Courses

With the surge of the internet, there are plenty of things now that you can actually do for free. For those wedding coordinator wannabes, then they can take online courses that are for wedding coordinators. The good thing about this is the fact that you will have the chance to have a professional even service offered to those couples who are planning to get married.

Get Clients by Networking

The power of networking really draws out the best of things that it networks. Some strategies that you can make use so that you will be hired as a wedding coordinator is by using promotional business cards, referrals, press releases and also from free websites where you can place your ads. Most importantly, you can join organizations as well as clubs so that you will have a group of people that can serve as your primary prospective customers.

According to, to be a wedding coordinator does not need any specialized education or experience. One just has to follow their desire and that’s it, you are set to becoming one.


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