How to Be an Astronaut

Many are challenge of becoming an astronaut, who can travel outside the earth using a spacecraft.

Anyone who is in good health and can qualify to the requirements of NASA can become an astronaut.

Requirements to Become Astronaut

Those who wish to become an astronaut it is ideal that an early stage of its life, it should already prepare itself. Although, acquiring a college degree from accredited school will give you an edge to become an astronaut, your high school performance is still important for the job. Be physically fit and maintaining a healthy diet in order to protect your body from various illnesses that might affect your application. Gather information about being an astronaut and understand every detail that you have collected. Read articles as well as books that can help you understand the duties or responsibilities of astronaut. Also, if possible get a course that is related to science and math. Know more about your environment especially the universe and perform well in your school.

Qualifications of Becoming an Astronaut

National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA is the organization that handles all those who want to become an astronaut. Although, many want to become an astronaut, NASA has set qualifications that should be followed. The most important requirement is you must be a U.S. citizen especially if you are applying as a pilot of the spacecraft or as a mission specialist. Having a bachelor’s degree is also a must, preferably those who graduated from engineering, physical science, mathematics, and biological science. It is also important that you continue your studies by taking masters degree and acquire experience. These are the qualifications that you must possess before applying to become as an astronaut.

Examinations and Other Requirements

One of the important requirements of NASA in hiring an astronaut is passing the exams that will be providing. A series of exams will be given to the person who is aiming to become an astronaut. The physical examination is the most important one to pass because if you will not pass it, even you have a good chance based from your school records and experience you will fail. The pilot or the commander of the spacecraft will have to pass the Class I examination while other staff will have to pass the Class II. There is also height limits set wherein the pilots must have 64-76 inches of height and other members should be 58.5- 76 inches tall.

Passing the Training

Similar to other job, an individual who wish to become an astronaut must learn also pass the training. NASA provides training that will make their mind and body prepared with all the obstacles that it might encounter when you are already going to travel the space. This is the reason why you should be physically fit in being one of the astronauts of NASA.


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