How Much Can You Make Owning a Franchise

Owning a franchise offers a significant number of advantages, such as financial freedom, freedom to own a business, of course profit, among others.

In this article, we will focus on the possible extents of the powers of the franchise to generate salary, and the factors affecting these extents.

Statistics show that franchising is actually a multi-billion dollar industry. It has made a lot of owners, franchisors, and also franchisees grow and prosper financially. A franchise, in the year 2000, generates profits ranging from $75,000 to $240,000 dollars. In this figure, 30% of the franchises earn over $150,000 per year. As time passes, the general trend of the salary of franchises is increasing – meaning, as time passes, the franchises continue to improve its already good condition, including its money-making capabilities.

An Internet site asserts that most franchises have this trend of losing money before they ever start making money. Starting a franchise business requires a great deal of financial resources. Before you area able to create money, the company checks if you have already paid the necessary fees such as rent, equipment, products, and some others. On the average, the income for a franchisee who owns a franchise is $55,000 per year. A franchise, in order to grow and prosper, may still have to consider some other developments that usually entail financial resources.

A franchisee sees to it that he or she is able to build up the momentum of the franchise, especially in the financial aspect, in a low but steady manner. In here the immortal saying “haste makes waste” can be applied.

The extent of the money-making abilities of a franchise depends on many factors. In here, we should be aware that the franchise may not be prosperous at all times. The profit that a franchise makes may go either to the positive or negative side. An increase in the profit a franchise implies an improvement or progress in terms of its products or services, marketing strategies, managing styles, among others. It implies that the franchisee and the staff are doing a good job and that they must keep it up or can even improve it. On the contrary, a diminishing profit means a downgrade in one or more of the factors mentioned previously, or it can imply that there are some areas in the franchise which need to be improved.

The franchise can never be present without the franchisor, and that person can dictate the flow of the salary of his or her franchise in a way or two. The performance of the franchisor can have an influence in the performance of the franchise, including its money-making capabilities. If a franchisor imposes high fees and other financial requirements, the franchisee may have a very hard time acquiring profit from his or her franchise, as the money flowing in the franchise only flows out again towards the hands of the franchisor. A franchisor that is kind enough to assist their franchisees in business also makes the franchises generate more profit.


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