Making Money with Chickens

Raising chickens is one way to increase income. However, it is important to learn the steps in making money with chickens.

In this way, you can ensure to obtain profit if you can raise chickens to sell.

Many people love to raise chicken as a hobby or for additional income. Regardless of the place you live you can have the chance to raise chickens and at the same time earn extra money. The good thing about raising chickens as business is that it does not require big amount of start up capital.

How to Raise Chickens?

Raising chicken is not that difficult that is why making money is greatly possible. You would not find difficulty is caring for the chickens and the products can be sold easier. If you are experiencing shortfall of budget, you can start raising at least a dozen of chickens. It is an ideal way to augment your income. Aside from increasing additional income you can also take advantage with the fresh eggs and meat. As you want to raise chicken for your small business it is significant to create a simple business plan. The first thing to do when planning to raise chicken is to buy chicks from hatchery so that you can save some amount of money. After which you should raise them until such time that they are laying eggs or ready to sell. The business plan would help you decide how you will start raising and making money with chicken.

On the other hand, before you start raising chicks make sure you have enough knowledge about the details. Although it is not difficult to raise them yet it is important to know the process. You can make money with chicken if you have flock of laying hens. Nevertheless, you should consider the space available in your yard so that you can determine how many hens you will purchase. You should keep the hens from overcrowding that is why you should build chicken coop that can accommodate the number of hens you intend to raise. In like manner, when building the coop you should ensure that it can protect the chickens from predators.

Aside from building the chicken coop, you should also plan for the materials you will use for the laying boxes. Usually, one laying box can accommodate 3 to 4 hens. It will take about 4 to 5 months before the hen lays eggs. Make sure to provide proper nutrition to your hens so that they can lay more eggs constantly. As soon as your hen started laying eggs you will need egg cartons so that you can sell the eggs in the local area. When selling the eggs you should label the egg cartons including your name and address. In this way, you would let other people know about your business.


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    i want know about hen types and how to increase the hen. eggs to produce new hen by machine and i done no. you want to tell it give some pictures of machines and their details ok thank you .
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    Hi sir, I am jagjit Singh from Amritsar punjab and I want to start poultry farm business so please help me. my contact


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