Building Chicken Pens

Chicken pens are good for chickens. This can help them get lots of sunshine and fresh air to be able to lay healthy and good eggs regularly.

Building chicken pens will help your chickens get lots of sunshine and fresh air.

It is necessary for chickens to get 12-14 hours of sunlight to be able for them to lay good and healthy eggs regularly. Thus, it is not a good idea to keep your chickens in the chicken coop locked up all the time. With a chicken pen, your chickens can be able to freely roam your backyard and absorb sunshine and fresh air. They can also get some exercise that will keep them healthy and lay eggs regularly. Proper built chicken pens can also protect your chicken flock from predators while giving them free range of roaming. Chicken pens can also give them enough space to mate properly, bathe in dirt, and engage into small chicken fights for entertainment. They will surely grow healthy and happy with a chicken pen.

Rules when Building Chicken Pens

Before you start building your chicken pen, you must consider first the type of breed of the chicken that you will keep because this can really affect the design of your chicken pen. If you will raise chickens that are large and heavy then you can just do with wooden posts or wires or fencing since they can’t fly away. On the other hand, if your chickens have different sizes and some are small that can easily fly away, you will need a chicken pen with a netted roof or closed in wire or just build it with really high fences.

Aside from the size of the chicken that you will be keeping, you should also consider the local laws about chicken keeping so that you will not have a problem later on. If you are in a rural county the raising chicken may not be a problem but if you live in an urban area then you should inquire the laws about raising chicken in your backyard in your local municipality. Be sure to follow the law into raising chicken so that you will not have a problem later on.

Last but not the least is to determine the location where you will build your chicken pen. Choosing the location should both accommodate you and your chickens. The best one is to build it where it will have a very easy access to the coop. In this way, you just need to open your chicken coop and let your chickens loose in the chicken pen at daylight. They can easily come into the chicken pen and then go back into the coop at night.


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