Cost of Raising Chickens

Raising chickens for a business is also a great way to earn money. You can sell the chicken itself or the eggs.

However, you must determine first your capital cost before engaging into this business and any other business as well.

Before you raise chickens, you should get your pen, paper, and calculator and start listing your needed tools and equipment such as chicken supplies and chicken food in order to determine the cost of it. Keep in mind that the cost of raising chicken depends on your choice of breed and how you will raise them. You must calculate every single cost of every single thing before engaging into raising chickens. There are few things that you should consider in determining the cost of raising chickens.

Things to Do

First is to list the cost of acquiring the chicken breed that you would like to raise. Keep in mind that the bigger the chicken, the more expensive its upkeep will cost. For example, Plymouth Rocks chickens are large thus they consume much higher feeds than the Leghorn chickens which are small. Then decide the size of the flock that you want to have. In some urban areas, the numbers of hens that can be raised by homeowners in their backyards are limited. Just multiply the acquisition cost of each chicken breed by the number of chickens that you are planning to raise. Next is to choose the kind of food for them. The inorganic feeds are much cheaper than the organic feeds. The amount of chicken feeds depend on the amount of time that you will give your chicken to roam outside their coop. For example; each chick must be fed 6 ounces per day so multiply 6 by the number of chicks that you will buy. This will determine the cost of the chicken feeds.

Then, add the bedding material’s cost. This should be replaced often and must be consider especially when determining the cost of raising chicken first time. Next is to write the amount of money that you will spend on their water and food containers. You can opt for automatic feeders but these costs high. You can also choose the simple bowls but you must clean them and fill them as often as possible. Chicken coop is very important too so you should calculate its building cost. Nevertheless, you could use scrap or free materials when building or you can buy a manufactured one if you have the budget to do so.

Just add up all those numbers and it will give you the approximate total of the startup costs. The running costs include beddings, chicken food, and maintenance costs and then minus the savings you can get from fertilizers and eggs.


  • A Munim said on December 22, 2010
    Dear sir/madam, I am thinking to start a small poultry farm for 10k chicken for commercial purpose as ( meat chicken), I would like you to help me with some information to set my project,
    1. Is there any website or company i can contact for all information
    2. From 0 to 35 days what type of food should be feed,
    3. Can i make the feed or i should buy as ready made
    4. What are the ingredient of the feed, please name it
    5. From 0 to 35 days how many kilo of food will eat one chicken
    6. Average what will be the weight of chicken will be on 35 days
    Your answer will be highly appreciated, Best regard, A Munim
  • paul said on January 1, 2011
    I have large land in Kaufman TX . I want to start raising poultry. 500,000 chicken a year
  • fazal ahmed said on June 19, 2012
    i want to start a poultry farm of 10,000 chickens how much budget i required to start business. 09700574909 nizamabad. Andhra pradesh.
  • vishal wadje said on November 21, 2016
    i want to start poultry layer farming of 20,000 chickens. please provide guidance. thank you , reply will be appreciated .
  • Andre Vanwyk said on February 14, 2022
    I need to start chicken farming, egg layers, and chicken layers broilers. I need contact details also; for pig farming, I need service providers' contact details in Kzn province.


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