Net Working Capital to Total Assets Ratio

Are you having hard time in analyzing the net working capital to total assets ratio in your present business?

For this reason allow us to discuss on how you will work out on analyzing the net working capital to total assets ratio with our simple ways about the subject.

What is Net Working Capital to Total Assets Ratio?

Ratio analysis is vital in every business wherein it reflects the financial status of a certain company based on the Balance Sheet and the Statement of Income. It helps the owner to analyze the progress of the business because he can see the actual numbers of earnings and losses of the company. By ratio analysis the business owner also has the chance to spot trends that will help to improve the cash flow of the business by comparing its performance from the previous records of the company as well as to other businesses with similar operation. If the owner can see the unfavorable trends coming on his business he can gradually set up a plan to solve the problem so it will not have a strong effect on the financial aspect of his company.

Now that we see the importance of ratio analysis to your business, let us discuss more about financial ratios that were mostly given attention in managing a business. These financial ratios are being formulated to make it easy to analyze the financial progress of a certain business in a very systematic way. Financial ratios are being divided in several types such as liquidity, profitability, solvency, debt levels, leverage, and working capital to name a few. But let us focus on the working capital aspect.

Working Capital is the financial health of a particular business base on the current cash flow. This ratio can be calculated as the result from subtracting the current liabilities to the current assets. Don’t be confused about “net working capital” and to “working capital ratio” because they are just the same. On the other hand, total assets is just simply the combination of cash, accounts receivable, marketable securities, cash equivalents and current inventory. To sum it up, the Net Working Capital to Total Assets Ratio is being used to measure the company’s ability to cope on its financial obligation.

Evaluating the Net Working Capital to Total Assets Ratio

If the business owner knows-well on how to analyze the Net Working Capital to Total Assets Ratio, this will result to smooth operation of the business with no worries concerning debts. In order to get a positive percentage, the net working capital of the company should show a positive result from its current assets not on the current liabilities. A positive net working capital only shows that the company is operating efficiently. If your business has no problems in meeting your financial obligation this will attract more investors and will improve the cash flow in your company.


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