SWOT Analysis of the Airline Industry

SWOT analysis is a process that reviews the opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses. These are the factors that are vital in any organization that is why it is necessary to understand them.

The airline industry is not an exemption that is why it is important to know how SWOT analysis of airline industry is undertaken.

The airline industry is volatile and doing SWOT analysis is crucial in the industry. Although individual airline company has its own team that undertakes company analysis but it only determine the decision on the situation of the airline itself. However, through SWOT analysis there is an opportunity to enhance the strengths and opportunities and at the same time minimize the weaknesses and threats.

How SWOT Analysis Works?

In conducting SWOT analysis in airlines the strength is considered. The primary thing to determine is the product of the airline that is the air travel. This industry continues to grow despite of the downturns happening in the economy. This is because of the increased propensity as well as the population growth. Another strength that contributes to the success of the industry is the safety record and the acceptance of the public about the services of the airlines. If the airlines offer safe and fast travel obviously clients would appreciate their services. This is applicable for traditional airline as well as low cost and branded airlines. Likewise, in order to promote the strength of the industry it is necessary to hire trained and experienced airline staff that includes flight attendants, pilots, ground staff and mechanics.

In like manner, it is also important to include in the SWOT analysis the weakness of the company. In this way, the industry can easily determine the drawbacks of the company. It can also help identify the airline that is non-revenue productive. Definitely, it is expensive to start and operate an airline company and most likely the return of investment varies than what is planned. The weakness of the company is contributed operational irregularities and bad weather. Likewise, it does not have the capability to make quick changes in such a way that it cannot adjust with the business climate immediately.

Another factor to pay attention is the opportunities available in the airline industry such as expansion opportunities for business and leisure destinations. Likewise, it is also important to analyze the cost-efficiency of the aircraft as it affects the over all operation of the airline. Using of technology and customer-friendly service help increase the revenue. On the other hand, it is inevitable to experience threats in the airline industry. Apparently, the economic recession had affected the operation of the airline industry. It also includes the fuel cost, terrorist attack, and plague as well as government intervention. Thus it is significant to do SWOT analysis in the airline industry.


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