How to Display Merchandise

The way on how merchandise is displayed in your store is a strategy that a merchandiser should develop in order to attract customers.

Merchandise displays are to be planned in such a way that it will look attractive and appealing enough to attract customers.

The first part of the store that a merchandiser should take care of is its storefront or its entrance. This should be taken into attention because just as a book has its cover to create good first impressions, a store has its front to create good first impressions on their would-be customers. It also gives an idea what items are inside the store. A storefront may feature a unique logo that communicates the aim of the merchandiser. The merchandiser should be artistic enough to create the logo with the name of the store. Another component of the storefront is the show window, where the products are being shown in a manner pleasing to the eye. We should put only a glimpse of the products being merchandised in the show window, so as to keep the customers wanting for more.
The second crucial part in displaying merchandise is the store itself – how the products are conveniently and logically arranged. The products should be grouped in such a way that all products belonging to the same category should be together, and product categories related to each other and/or are used together should be near to each other. In here, we can also consider other presentation methods inside the store. One can spend some resources and convert the arrangement of his products from simple to motif-inspired and concrete object-shaped arrangements, such as merchandise arranged in a form of a delicately shaped tree. The arrangement in the store should provide ample leeway for the customers to browse around your store.

The Gale Encyclopedia of Small Business listed tips on how to arrange the products in your store. It asserts that in here, we have to consider customer demographics or preferences, cleanliness or neatness, the effectiveness of the arrangement itself, among others. The encyclopedia also emphasized that overcrowding a display in the store is not recommended, as this is obviously a mess maker. Small items such as parts, key chains, necklaces and others should be displayed in such a way that the customers won’t exert much effort in just looking at those small items one by one and even ask someone’s help just to do so. Display backgrounds and colors around the store are also important because if the right combination of backgrounds and colors are used, the store will greatly be in visual harmony. The arrangement of the things inside the store can also be planned to show to the customers the purpose of such products.

With good planning of the design of the merchandise come the good endorsing techniques. Customers won’t be able to notice how beautiful the store is if the merchandiser does not endorse it well. A merchandiser who knows the proper techniques in endorsing his or her store will be able to show to the customers how convenient and fulfilling it is to buy from his or her store


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