Work Permits for Teenagers

These day teenagers desire to have full-time or part-time jobs for them to obtain a safer and secure environment. Though most teens want to seek employment, finding a job for 15 to 18 years old could be difficult.

As they are considered as minors, teenagers need to obtain a work permit which will allow them to be employed legally.

Employing Teenagers

Teenagers could gain experience and expertise via several kinds of jobs. On the other hand, they may need complete supervision to avoid injuries and accidents. As there are a lot of jobs available out there, it is very essential to carefully choose these jobs because most of these are not safe or suitable for teens. Included in these jobs are driving or operating motorized equipments, work as a gasoline staff, fast food crew or selling magazines and candies. Parents and guardians should make sure that the minor must select the best job for them.

  • When and Where to Get Jobs?

    Basically, these jobs for teenagers are available during vacation as well as after school hours. Teens could also work more than 12 hours a week and can take up secretarial jobs. However, for teens aging from 16 to 17 and it is needed to get a work permit if they will work full-time. If you are a teenager and you wish to work during summer or after school hours to earn money.

    The first thing that you need to do is to talk to your parents or guardian of your plans tell them your goals why you wanted to work, be sure that they agree before you start on a certain job. When your parents already agreed for your plan to work, the next phase is looking for a job. Well this stage can be crucial because there are some employers who seldom to hire teenagers but there are also who are willing to give jobs to teens out there. However, teens, parents/guardian must know that there are certain requirements that the city or state has.

    In addition, as the advancement of technology, teenagers can also look for it over the internet. Some of these jobs are writing related jobs like blogging or writing articles for a certain website. Obviously, these online jobs do not have age limit.

  • Accomplishing the Work Permit

    As a minor or teenager, if you are offered a job remember that before you can start your job, you need to accomplish a Minor Work Permit. You can apply for this if you already accepted the job. This is because it is included in the application for Work Permit some of the important details about the nature of the job that you will going to accept. In addition, the parent also needed to sign on that permit, so that they can also understand the job that their son/daughter is entering. Work Permit can be obtained from your local Department of Labor office, just consult and ask for requirements because it differs from city or state you live.


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