Which Business Degree Makes the Most Money

So how do we benefit from taking up business degrees in school? Most people want to take up business degrees in order to have a lucrative and stable job in the future. Being in business is like breathing air to some because the exchange of goods and services run all aspects of our daily life.

Even governments at some point get involve with business. Here are some most commonly pursued business courses and their advantages.

A Bachelor’s degree in Accounting is intended to prepare you for an entry position with public accounting firms. You can also land jobs in private, government and non-profit organizations. When you take up this business course you get an understanding of business as well as financial ideas and how they are interconnected to professional accounting like the principles of federal taxation and auditing. You also get an understanding of accounting for small businesses and corporation. Accounting does not pay much at the start but it will offer you stability which is what every one wants in the long run.

Business Administration on the other hand prepares you for managerial positions in both international as well as local companies. Being in this course you get a well rounded education and foundations in accounting, sales, marketing, operations, human resource management and banking and finance. With a degree in Business Management you will acquire a broad perception of business and economic ideas and how they are connected to the domestic and global economy.

These two business degrees combined can guide you towards a profitable and stable career because these degrees will expose you to the most vital elements of business. While your accounting degree will focus on relevant accounting concepts, the business administration degree will include various courses not covered by accounting.

Economics is another business degree that is worth taking interest in. An economics degree allows you to work in diverse fields which include banking and finance, public policy, sales and marketing. You can also opt to work with the government in different department such as Federal Reserve. You can even become a politician. Your economics degree can help you get an understanding about how the world works. You will learn what the positive and negative impacts of world trade. It can make you realize that government policies have a direct impact on the economy as well as employment.
While an accounting degree covers diverse business purposes, a business degree in Finance is more narrowly focused. Financial accounting is not included in general accounting as it is utilized as a decision maker outside of the organization like banks, government agencies and stockholders. If you want a career in Finance you better have an outgoing personality and be naturally curious by nature. You need to make use of your mathematical skills to guide your to make a good suggestion to make your clients become more financially successful. A degree in Finance can help to have a career as a financial analyst, work in financial consulting or work as a financial manager. You can also choose to work in commercial banking, get a career in corporate finance and investment banking. There are a lot of other careers in store for Finance majors, making it the most lucrative of all business careers.


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