Which Business is Most Profitable in Canada

Are you planning to set up a business in Canada but you don?t have any idea of which business is most profitable in Canada?

Let us give you some helpful hints in choosing which business is most profitable in that country and how you can start a business there with no worries.

The Opportunities of Profitable Business in Canada

Canada has been a target of interest by many entrepreneurs nowadays. This is because of the massive business opportunities that this country is offering not only to its citizens but also to immigrants from different corners of the world. If you will notice, Canada has a stable economy and was able to manage to handle the threat of global financial crisis that struck the economy of America and also affected the economy of other countries in the last two years.

Now, Canada opens their arms to interested entrepreneurs to invest and set up their business in their country and offered numerous channels of financial investment, according to a source. If you are lured by the business opportunities that Canada is offering, the first thing you need to acquire is a business visa so you can relocate and establish a business there. However, obtaining a business loan and trade permit in Canada requires a lot of processing and paperwork. The said country also set some standards and requirements on how to avail the program, so it is not advisable for starters to benefit from this special opportunity. You must at least have two years of experience in running a business, so better prepare your legal documents that will support this requirement. Your funding should also be sufficient on the kind of business you want to set up. The main reason for these standards is that doing business in Canada is self-sufficient, meaning you need to prove that you can earn an impressive profit in a given period of time and are capable of sustaining it.

Prospecting a Profitable Business in Canada

Let us consider that you already passed the standards set by the Canadian government in doing business in their nice country and you have sufficient capital to start with. A good business prospect will be your next target. Let’s go back to the basics of starting a business. Study the market flow in the area and gather useful information on which field of business you can make a high profit. Remember that you’re new in the place so you need to be familiar first with the environment. Look for a good business location and learn about your competitors. Your options might be a service-oriented business, a retail business, a food business, or an antique business if you want to be unique from the others and this is also considered a lucrative business in Canada.


  • rajaramachandran said on February 16, 2012
    can u send me detail about steel business in canada.. like importing and exporting from canada
  • ATRVASH said on March 13, 2012
    Dear Madam/Sir, I have taken immigration Canadian visa and will be in Canada ( maybe Toronto) from Aug 2012. Since I can invest up to $1M ,I would like to start there a most profitable business in any field. Therefore , it is highly appreciated if you guide me in this regard. Atrvash
  • abdur rehman said on July 2, 2012
    We plan to open business in ontario(canada). This would be toronto or nearby cities. The capital we plan to invest is between 500000-1500000 canadian dollars.
  • Sam said on November 17, 2012
    Hi, I am a Canadian from Turkish root, one of my close friends has establish a biomedical business in turkey, and he is looking to expand, i was suggesting that investment in Canada will be very profitable, if someone who is interested in doing that in canada, he can contact me, and we can discuss details, for spammers, please dont contact me
  • Arvind SAINI said on December 27, 2012
    I am indian citizen I want to start business in Canada and want to invest 200000 to 500000 c dollar pl suggest me any profitable trading business and suggest location also we want to establish a company with Canadian citizen to start up
  • rav said on January 5, 2013
    I am from surrey, British columbia, canada. I am researching for a small business that would profit me. Would you be able to send me some information about how to own a subway in canada. And what is this business like please. thanks
  • sharif said on January 20, 2013
    Hi dear sir/madam¬° I have plan to take some Afghan products to Canada, to include precious stone, agricultural materials, and rugs, we will highly appreciate your Guide. Best regards
  • Sukhvir said on February 19, 2013
    hi , i am from surrey British Columbia, Canada. i want to start a small business which can help me to grow my financial condition. can u help?
  • Mudasir said on May 2, 2013
    To Mr. @Arvind Saini: Hello - I am a Canadian citizen (Indian background), looking for business partner. Perhaps I may have an idea for a trading product from your region to North American market. Please contact me if this interests you.
  • zeeshan said on May 10, 2013
    I am from Pakistan and living in Lahore. Next few months i am planning to migrate to Canada ,Tronoto Canada. I am planning to start start small business in Toronto like mobile/computer accessories shop/counter with the investment of 15k $. Please suggest a profitable business with in this range of investment ofr new comers in Canada.I will be very thankful.
  • sharma said on August 24, 2013
    I can export any item demanded by local trader from india in most competitive rates.
  • Rana Amjad Ali said on September 10, 2013
    I am from Pakistan and living in Lahore. In next year i move to Canada ( British Colombia ) Vancoure, i am much confuse and in tension that which business is suitable for me , i want to start small business there, i have much experience in ( Pakistan )Import of Iron & Steel Scrap. Please help me . Thanks.
  • Noreen said on November 27, 2013
    I am seriously considering to be self employed and would like to pursue import/export business between south America And Canada with a location based in Westbank bc. Would appreciate any suggestions.
  • Konstandina Tasiyianakis said on December 9, 2013
    Hello, i'm a canadian citizen living abroad. I am thinking of coming back to Canada-fraser valley bc. Could you suggest a profitable business that I could start, in fraser valley area.
  • Bett Agh said on February 1, 2014
    Hi, I'm from Mexico and thinking about starting a business in Canada, I have 30k to invest. Would you help with any advice of some profitable business I can start with? Thinking about Calgary or Edmonton. I'll appreciate any information.
  • Ravinder said on May 31, 2014
    Dear madam/sir I am an Indian and want to have a agricultural business in Canada. Can you pleas guide me to do so which is profitable.
  • fazal said on July 6, 2014
    Hi, I have been living in canada for the last 10 years and would like to start a small business by growing gradually has always been a dream. tried once but didn't work out. now i am interested in car export business. plz assist, and advise and would be appreciated any other recommendation in import/export sector. market would like to be in are middle east, south east asia and north america
  • Alaa said on July 21, 2014
    I am Canadian citizen living in Montreal and would like to establish a business. I want to invest $50,000. Any recommendations ?
  • Aman Burki said on August 6, 2014
    Hi, I am newly immigrated to Canada. Right now I am in Brampton and in a position to relocate to any city. I am an MBA and have a job background in Panasonic and in Lecturing to MABs. I've an investment of almost $ 100K. I shall highly appreciate some guidance to start some low risk business in any area of Canada.
  • Sanjay Sachdev said on August 8, 2014
    I am indian citizen living and working in Singapore for last 9 years I want to start business in Canada especially under regional entrepreneurs programs. I would like to invest 200,000 to 400,000 CAD . Please suggest me any profitable trading business and suggest location also we want to establish a company with Canadian citizen to start up or buying an existing profitable business. I would like to immigrate along with my family comprising of wife , son (16 years of age and Daughter 11 years of age. I am a ex ships engineer and working in managing the large commercial ships for my employers in terms of maintenance and refitting jobs etc? Kindly suggest me some businesses in manufacturing or repairing of boats or automobiles etc. best regards Sanjay Sachdev
  • Jesse blatz said on September 24, 2014
    Canadian with businesses in need of a investment to further grow multi company business's we have 23 businesses so far msg for more details
  • ashraf dahroug said on October 6, 2014
    i expect to imigrate to canada within one year and i need to start a profitable business in manitoba
  • Rantz said on October 31, 2014
    Coffee shop is one of the most booming business here in winnipeg manitoba canada. You can start as a small scale with a classy look with free wi-fi.
  • Rantz said on October 31, 2014
    Huge numbers of renters here in my city so Rental property is one of the best. Just to share my experience. Five years ago I bought a $50k worth of property (3 bedroom) with current renters for $850/month (one of the cheapest rate). When my past tenant left and put it on local Ads. The next day I got tons of response begging to get an application forms to rent my property. If you want to invest for rental property here in winnipeg Manitoba Canada I am available to manage them for you. I hired a property management company before but I ended up dealing with them and my tenant so I decided to fire the management and just did everything myself.
  • Olanrewaju Ajibola said on February 1, 2015
    I plan moving to canada. Can you suggest a profitable business for me. I want to invest $200000 to $300000
  • Viktor said on February 21, 2015
    Looking for partner in Ontario, preferable in GTA, who already has running business and need investment. The business must me lucrative and ROI at least 10-15% annually, pay-back-period up to 3 years. Level of investment upto 500k with security. Thanks
  • Anoop maheshwari said on March 3, 2015
    I plan moving to Canada can u suggest a profitable business. for me. 10000 se 20000
  • Rabbi said on July 23, 2015
    Rabbi, chittagong, bangladesh. Hi, I have taken business visa and will be in Canada in next three months. I can invest $1 million. I would like to start most profitable business any where in any field in Canada. pls guide me. Regards. Rabbi.
  • Rashedul said on September 1, 2015
    I am planing to move in canada. Can you suggest a profitable business for me. I want to invest 100k Canadian dollar and how much I can ensure every month income. Please if you help me let me know.
  • Richard said on September 16, 2015
    Sir/Ma I am planning to relocate to Canada(Probably in Nova Scotia)I intend to invest $150,000 in Canada as an investment funds. i will like to start the most profitable business in that province.I am business man in Nigeria with over 35 yrs experience .I Specialized on marketing services such as facilitator/Broker between the government sector and private sector also have experience in Oil & Gas .I love property business .Thanks Richard
  • Ayman said on October 8, 2015
    i am Canadain citizen.. living in London ON. looking for serious investor to start profitable business and ready to invest some money too. regards, ayman
  • Lena beginner adviser said on November 5, 2015
    I'm a Canadian citizen with experience in business planning, development and management. I'm helping foreign businessmen bring their business to canada or establish/purchase a profitable existing business with a further opportunity to immigrate to Canada. If you are a foreign business person or investor looking to bring your business to Canada or if you have funds to establish/purchase a new business in Canada, please contact me.

    Vask1960@gmail.com || Consultant

  • Lena beginner adviser said on November 10, 2015
    @Viktor. Hi Viktor, I am looking for a business partner for the established medical center in Toronto. 135K is required. would you be interested? Thanks, Lena

    Vask1960@gmail.com || Consultant

  • Lena beginner adviser said on November 10, 2015

    @Rabbi,  Hi Rabbi - would you be interested to invest 135000CAD in the existing business in Toronto? It is a medical center which provides a variety of medical treatments; has a great potential. Would you be interested?

    Vask1960@gmail.com || Consultant

  • Jubair khalid said on November 13, 2015
    I from Pakistan but living in Vancouver from last 4 years. Currently i am running convenience store but i want do something else. I can bring investment from 400,000 to 1 million. Which business will be good to invest in Vancouver, bc, Canada
  • Akshay Pandey said on April 30, 2016
    Hi , i am Akshay from banglore India seeking for an investment for my IT startup in Canada . My main focus is developing ecommerce websites all over world. if someone interested contact me.
  • Amal said on August 24, 2016
    Hi.... i am Amal from India, i am coming to canada(ontario)next januray 2017... plz gives me an information about businesses in canada ... as i need help
  • varun said on December 8, 2016
    @rantz i am varun from india .. i am very much interested ...how can we proceed further...tell me more about property rentals...my mail id is varungauba000@yahoo.co.in
  • Dan said on December 15, 2016
    Hi I am Daniel from London Ontario, I'm looking for business partner anybody looking to come live in Canada I can guide you if you need help as a new comer also mainly looking for a business partner to invest up to 100k in to a restaurant/fast food / food business, I am colombian have and have a lot of connections here with the food industry please contact me at Danielfjimenez@icloud.com if you are interested thank you
  • Ali said on November 17, 2017
    Hi, I am interested in construction business, I am in Canada, (from Pakistan) if anyone interested in joining me or have any idea what and where to start?
  • Mani deol said on November 5, 2020
    hi hello .. i want invest 100k dollor in canada .. which business is profitable.. but i am interested in Import goods from china.. if there any body know about this business please tell me
  • Suprit said on January 28, 2021
    Hi we are reknown company who can help in getting immigration in Canada along with developing an buying business in Canada


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