LPN Certification Requirements

What is LPN Training? What are the necessary requirements you need, to enroll in LPN Training? How will you obtain your LBN License?

Undergoing Licensed Practical Nurse is one of the options you can do if you choose to have a career being a nurse.

This LPN training is usually done in a vocational or technical schools and it takes about a year to finish it.

An LPN works directly with patients on an everyday basis, giving medical attention to sick people and helps other medical workers. Pursuing training on LPN provides you great opportunity in nursing services. If you are planning to be an LPN you need to be dependable, kindhearted and has genuine concern to help your patients. You also need to be physically and emotionally firm. Your obligation includes caring for the ill people and also you will be working with other general practitioner.

LPN Training Requirements

You need to be a certified High School graduate at least for you to be given credits and must have taken subjects that are connected to nursing such as anatomy, biology, chemistry and other LVN related subjects.

You may try to visit website where you can find accredited LPN training centers. You may try The National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission where there are several training centers that are being accredited under them.

If you already have a LPN Training center in mind you might want to check their websites, their services and the program they are offering. Assess the training center on the cost of the training, how far it is from your residence and the general overview of the programs that they will be providing.

If you already chosen a school make sure that you are able to provide the necessary requirements to be enrolled.

Before starting a LPN training program you must pass the pre-assessment for practical nursing or vocational nursing exam. Obtaining your high school diploma will also make you an entrant to take PAX-PN. The assessment takes about an hour to finish and it consist of verbal, arithmetic and science questions. It consists of 50 items the most. If you do not pass on the first take, you may try until the third take.

The training curriculum is a set of lecture, laboratory works and medical internship in a hospital. You will be trained how to check vital signs, help patients take a bath, correct way to feed them, monitor their blood pressure, monitor their pulse or heart rate, the patients temperature.

Guidelines for management of medications will be part of the training. Process for pharmacy dealings will be covered and will be trained for the organizational charting system of the hospital. Getting the patient ready for surgical procedure and post operation needs is part of the training as well. Trainees need to complete module in medical or surgical requirements also such as industrial or medical nursing.

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  • Archie said on December 17, 2016
    I am an LPN seeking information on starting a respite home. What credentials are needed. I am CPR certified and I've been a nurse for 27 years, with vast experience in different areas of nursing. Where do I start.


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