Becoming a Nursing Assistant

If you have plans in becoming a nursing assistant to start your career as a Certified Nurse or a Licensed Practical nurse, there are no reasons why you can’t do that.

But first be educated on the basics in becoming a nursing assistant so you know your path well.

If you are planning to have a career as a nurse and climb the ladder of the profession, the best option for you is to start by becoming a nursing assistant first. This position, as experts in the field will tell you, can set you in the right path of becoming a fully certified nurse and successful in the industry.

But how and where should you start in becoming a nursing assistant? This is the important question at hand. Below are some valuable tips that can lead you to the path of becoming a nursing assistant.

Credentials on Becoming a Nursing Assistant

As similar to any health profession out there, the need for credentials is also important in becoming a nursing assistant. If you are already feeling the dream of becoming a nurse someday and want to start as a nursing assistant first, then it is advised that you take science, chemistry and biology subjects even right in your high school days. These courses will certainly help you get your certification as a nurse and the benefit of these credentials will be invaluable throughout your nursing career.

Flying Solo is a No-No in Becoming a Nursing Assistant

Besides having credentials in becoming a nursing assistant, an x-factor if one should call it that is needed to become one is being a team-player. And in order to become a team player you should have a strong interpersonal communication skill that can help you fulfill your job as a nursing assistant. Your position is the bridge between Certified Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse and the patient so strong and clear communication skills is very valuable in your practice. Additionally, being a team player is the key when taking care patients in clinics and hospitals that doing the job separate from other key players in health administration is a big no-no in this field.

Passion and Compassion in Becoming a Nursing Assistant

These two factors passion and compassion probably is the basics in becoming a nursing assistant. No matter what credentials you have and training, these two qualities should be ingrained or natural in you. Caring for patients needs a lot of compassion to help people and this should be backed-up by passion. There are sure to be a lot of challenges when facing and helping treating patients and if you don’t have these two qualities you will surely not get far in this field.


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    I am a R.N. interested in opening a CNA training program. I am currently in search of a state grant to help with the cost.


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