Becoming a Celebrity Personal Assistant

There are many fancy jobs out there but there is nothing like a job of a celebrity personal assistant.

The work entails dedication and lots of hardship with great rewards besides the obvious that you are with a big star. Find out how you can be one.

If there ever one job that makes you hobnob with the wealthy and famous, it is becoming a celebrity personal assistant. This job is unlike any other job since the opportunity that most of everyday people who wants to see and be at first-name basis with celebrities one only see on TV and the big screen is dream-like and possible.

Becoming a celebrity personal assistant can be fashionable in some sense (since you have to wear clothes like a celebrity and attend functions where your celebrity boss goes) but being a celebrity assistant is not all that. Like any other job this entails great dedication and perseverance to be successful in the field.

If you are wondering how you can become a celebrity assistant and what does it take to be effective in this profession, here are some guide:

Networking on Becoming a Celebrity Personal Assistant

Becoming a celebrity personal assistant in some ways is difficult to become if one has no network or connections that can help you be one. It helps if you know somebody in the showbiz world whom can refer you to a young actress or actor to become their personal assistant. In this case, you are lucky to become one if your celebrity boss is still struggling to make it in the limelight that you help is surely welcome.

Persuasive Interpersonal Communication is a Must in Becoming a Celebrity Personal Assistant

You must probably say that interpersonal communication is no issue in becoming a celebrity personal assistant. You know you can speak to anybody and that is it. But this is not the case with any celebrity personal assistant since you will need the quality of persuasive communication. Celebrities, usually those who have big names, act and wish something to their personal assistant something that seemed impossible, like say buying flowers to decorate the dressing room even when all the flower stores are all closed. As a personal assistant you must do the impossible and have to talk and deal with people to make things happen for you in order to appease your celebrity boss. This takes a lot of boldness and psychological tricks in dealing with people.

More or less this is just a rundown of what you should do in becoming a celebrity personal assistant. But inspite of the hard work you must do, it is sure that the reward is great.

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  • Shahid Bashir said on January 5, 2013
    hi my name is shahid my qualification is bachelors in Arts stream i am from srinagar kashmir , i have worked in many hotels as front office executive besides this i have worked as a personal assistant to the M.D in one of the renowned hotels in Kashmir, so i am looking forward for to work as any thing may be personal assistant or some other post as well, i have a very good personality n a charming face. regards Shahid Bashir


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