How to Become a Morgue Assistant

If you want to become a morgue assistant, you need to do your homework. Not many people are interested in this career but if it’s your passion and this is what you like, you can take up short courses.

Some places require a high school diploma although there are those that require a degree in Mortuary Science or Forensics.

Tips on Becoming a Morgue Assistant

Not many people want to become a morgue assistant but if you live in a place where the salary is quite handsome, you might be interested to become one. Now, the requirements usually vary some place to another, and so it is vital that you can inquire at the right agencies. As an assistant, your primary task would be to assist the morgue manager. Depending on the place of work, you can be assigned to do finger prints, evisceration, write-ups, toxicology draws, photos, and checking in and out of bodies. So, do you like these tasks?

In some places, anatomy knowledge is enough and some OJTs. There are morgue assistants that finished Autopsy Tech and BS Forensics. You can also check out anatomical pathology technician and if you take up this course, you can get a certificate. Most hospitals conduct in-house trainings and you can take advantage of this option to learn the various facets of the job. You can visit the website of National Funeral Director’s Association to get some details. Find a school in your area that offer Mortuary Science. After taking up the course, you will need to pass the Mortuary Law examination. Again, the requirements usually vary among states or countries.

What You Should Do?

You can visit local hospitals and inquire about the qualifications to become a morgue assistant. You’re lucky if a high school diploma is accepted because all you need now is training. Oftentimes, the training can be given with allowance. Do your homework and you will be able to achieve your dream profession. If you can work your way up to funeral director, the better so you can also earn higher income. Keeping this kind of job will require interest and motivation. If you have the passion for this career, you wouldn’t mind the slightly lower income bracket.

For now, you will need to visit the morgue in your area. If possible, you can request for an on the job training. This is the best way to get the ‘feel’ of the job. If you’re interested, you can pursue the career. Determine the requirements and qualifications. If a course or degree is required, then you may need to invest time, effort, and money to achieve your dreams. Find a school where you can take up the necessary education. This can take a couple of weeks to several years. If a licensure is required, make sure that you pass. After that, you can pass your resume to various morgues in your area.


  • Tiffany Mullins said on January 19, 2011
    i'm very interested about working in a morgue. haysi, Va 24256
  • laura williams said on July 14, 2011
    Harbor view volunteer medical center. in seattle washington. certificate in medical assistant pending license CPR,HIPAA,OSHA,AED,AID,HIV, Certificates...on had Phelbotomy license pending also. also criminal History from the Washington State Patrol Identification and Criminal HIstory Section. (WSP. W A T C H) United States
  • stacey said on May 28, 2013
    I have a medical assistant certification coming up.... But right now I have a diploma.. I was wondering if That would be proper training other than what you learn On the job....
  • olisa kelechi said on March 10, 2014
    i am a muortuary attendance, i have 5 year experience in muortician job .so am looking for where i will work.
  • Emma said on January 19, 2015
    i live in the uk and want to know what i need to study at open university to get me on the right path to becoming a morgue attendant?


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