Business Etiquette Training Tips

Business etiquette is one of the keys to success of a particular company or corporation. Those who lack the knowledge about this usually end up broke. For this reason, conducting business etiquette training will be very useful.

First thing to be considered, in this case, is to know the particulars of such training.

Purpose of the Training

Business etiquette training is that which teaches the rules of acceptable professional behavior. It deals with constructive strategies for employees and those involved in a profession to comprehend the principles of proper etiquette. This will make them realize of the proper behavior that they should conduct during a business transaction. Knowing and having a clear purpose of the business etiquette training that you wish to administer is important for its organization. This will serve as your inspiration while organizing the event.

What to Include in the Training?

There are several professional behaviors that you can include in your training. You’ll just have to summarize it depending on how many days you intend to conduct the training. One technique of summarizing is pinpointing those rules which are generally observed in business transaction. An example of this rule is the proper handshaking. It is commonly perceived that the proper way of a handshake is to firmly hold the hand, and two quick pumps. It is also appropriate that during the handshake, you should establish eye contact and a smile. This is mainly for the purpose of building rapport. Another widely known example of business etiquette is the exchange of business card. Just by accepting a business card from a person can establish respect. The proper behavior in this case is that after accepting the business card put it safely on your card case. Carelessly putting it away with your pocket or other personal belongings is very demeaning to the part of the person who gave it.

You can go on and on citing examples of business etiquette for there are hundreds of them. But the point is that you must know the essential and general rules of professional behavior that are recognized by the public. This way, it will not be a problem for you in summarizing the contents of your training. Plus, always keep in mind that what you are aiming for is to provide the necessary tools for your participants to acquire polished etiquette and competitive edge in any business dealings.

Organizing the Event

Trainings are typically conducted through seminars and workshop. You can start organizing it by looking for the venue. Characteristics of a good venue are accessibility to the public, accommodating ambiance, and cleanliness. The space of the venue should not also be set aside. This will depend on the size of the participants that will attend your seminars or workshop. Another matter that should be taken into account is the people that will facilitate and help you make your business etiquette training a success. They should possess an excellent personalities since they are the once that will lead the participants. Invite also an expert in business etiquette to have a lecture. Provide also snacks and candies not only for your participant but to the lecturers and facilitator as well. Rest assured that you will not shoulder all the expenses for such an event. That is why fees were invented. However, there are also other means of conducting trainings. One of which is the personal coaching service.


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