How to Obtain a Liquor License

If you're interested in selling liquor, you should know that you need to secure a license first, or you Will face serious legal issues. Pick the license you need, like a full-on or temporary one.

The terms, conditions, and requirements usually vary from one place to another; if you simply do your homework, you can accomplish tasks with ease.

liquir store with liquor license

Obtaining a Liquor License

Whether you plan to sell or supply liquor, you must obtain a license. You need to follow the Sale of Liquor Act 1989. The application process and the requirements are embodied in this act. You can file an on-license, off-license, and club license at the local council. You will usually choose between a temporary license and a full on-license. You must remember that the license is given to a person, not the business establishment. If you’re leasing business space, it is required to apply for a business license.

The best license to obtain is the full on-license. Once you file for the application, you still need to proceed in obtaining the Code Compliance Certificate. This is needed to ensure your business space has complied with the building code and the Resource Management Act 1991. If you leased out a space where liquor was previously being sold, you can opt for the temporary license. However, this is only valid for three months. After the said period, renewal is necessary if you want to continue selling liquor.

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The Temporary License and Code Compliance Certificate

In the case of a temporary license, public notification is no longer needed unless specified by the local council. You can get application forms from the local council in your region or city. When you do this, you must bring documents like a certificate of incorporation, partnership agreement, memo of association or company constitution, proposed menu, drawings or photos of the premises, interior plan of the business area, certificate of title, and the Code Compliance Certificate. The fees you have to pay will be for the liquor license and the CCC.

When applying for a full on-license, public notification is required. You must have an ad in the newspaper section, ‘Public Notices’. The advertisement should run for around six days. This is important to notify the public and check for any objections. You’re lucky if there aren’t any objections; otherwise, you will need a lawyer when you are referred to the Liquor Licensing Authority. The council and the company will base their decision on the license suitability, the hours/days you sell liquor, the premises, the supporting steps you’re willing to undertake for proper selling, and the proposals to supply low-alcohol drinks and food. If you’re determined to sell liquor, obtaining the needed license today is best.

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